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Posted by Raissa | May 11, 2009

WorldFirst Formula 3: The Car That Runs on Chocolate

WorldFirst Formula 3

We all know the various developments happening in the automotive industry today. We’ve heard about hybrids, hydrogen cars, and a lot more. But wait! Here’s something that’s totally new... a car that runs on chocolate with various vegetables making up its body! This is totally amazing and another first for the world. Called the WorldFirst Formula 3, this cute racing car was developed by British researchers at Warwick University.

Just because it’s said that this Formula 3 car runs on chocolate you can just dump huge blocks of Hersheys or Cadbury on its engine, that’s not how it actually works. Its engine is specially designed to process waste chocolates, turning them into biodiesel which power up the car. It’s amazing how the team of researchers were able to use carrots and other root vegetables for the steering wheel and still enable to meet race specifications. The seat is made of flax fiber and soybean oil. Based on this, the WorldFirst Formula 3 is the first car that really manifests a “green” car.

And you’d be wrong if you think this car won’t get anywhere. It can still generate an amazing 125mph when driven.

The team that developed Formula 3 hopes to raise awareness in the automotive industry that there are great possibilities in using sustainable technologies.

A car made of vegetables and runs on chocolates... awesome! I’m really impressed by this new “green” car. How about you?


  1. I feel like I'm gonna it the car.

  1. Sorry, eat the car.

  1. LooLoo LooLoo says:

    OMG!!! a CHOCOLATE CAR!!! that is soo freakn awesome!!! ^_^

  1. good man good man says:

    I love the car coooooll

  1. Hey dis car wil mek me survive when im super hungry in the middle of da desert

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