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Posted by Raissa | Sep 18, 2007

A Ferrari and a Limousine in One!

Ferrari Limousine

Being able to ride in one of the most coveted vehicles like the Ferrari is a great feeling. But what would be even better, riding a Ferrari or a limo? Faced with such choices which would you go for? Well with the stretch Ferrari you don’t have to choose. It is a Ferrari made in a limousine style. It is really one impressive vehicle to ever grace the road once it gets officially unveiled this month at the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show in UK.

This Ferrari Limousine is actually made from the Ferrari 360 Modena. In order to make it to a limousine, its developer Dan Cowley had to chop it in half and the rear was stretched in the form of the 9.5 ft carbon fiber. Dan Cowley worked on this project with former McLaren carbon fiber expert Chris Wright.

So all in all, their creation now measures 20 feet in length and is capable of seating up to eight persons. Aside from the comfort that’s usually associated with limos, this new Ferrari-Limo also boasts superb performance on the road. So far it is the fastest limousine ever, revving with a maximum speed of 170mph using its 3.6 liter V8 engine. With its kind of speed and appearance, no wonder it is being spruced up for Guinness Book of World Records, not for one title but two! It will be “The Fastest Limousine” and “The Longest Ferrari”.

This very unique vehicle is built with amazing features and amenities as well. You’d have to be blind not to notice the gull wing doors it sports. Inside is an amazing entertainment system with a 10-inch flat screen monitor and 6 speaker surround system and DVD. It took £200, 000 to complete this astounding project.


  1. It is the fastest Limousine in the World!!
    This limousine works on the 3,6 liter engine V8 and, in spite of its sizes, to the "hundredth" it is accelerated only in 6 seconds. Between the sawn front and tail ends of former 360 modena is inserted the another part. The persistent transactions on the magic transformation, which were being continued in the course of 8 months, gave the good fruits: limousine entered into the history, namely into the Guinness book of records as the most rapid and longest automobile Ferrari in the world. Its maximum speed - 274 km/h.
    I think that it will be unforgettable to use this car as weeding transport, but unfortunately not many limo hire companies offer such vehicle, cause it is a really and really expensive car and it will be expensive to look after it.

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