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Posted by WALEG | Jan 15, 2007

Must-have Tools for Car Owners

Maintaining your car doesn’t have to be cost too much if you know how to handle some of the most basic car maintenance problems. If you have the proper skill and the proper tools to go with it, you can pretty much skip the trip to your mechanic and save up on your car maintenance expenses. However, your toolbox should always have the following tools and equipments. You’ll never know when you’re going to need them so you better have them ready in your trunk or garage.

1. Jack and jack stands – Most car problems require you to elevate the car to provide access to the particular vehicle parts. You wouldn’t be able to do such procedures as changing tires without the help of a jack and jack stands. It’s always wise to have a strong jack in your trunk in case you will need one.
2. Vice Grips – These are useful for loosening and tightening any part in your car.
3. Oil wrench – An oil change is a necessity once every 3,000 miles. Changing the oil will be impossible without having an oil wrench, so you better get one for your toolbox.

4. Funnel – A simple tool that most people will probably overlook, the funnel helps car owners in many car-related tasks such as oil changes.
5. 3/8 inch socket set – When doing car repairs, you’ll have to tighten and loosen dozens of bolts. The best tool to help you do these tasks easily is the 3/8 inch socket set.

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