4 Proven Measures to Increase the Longevity of your Car

Stop damaging your car!

Car Longevity

Zain Jordan

A vehicle is one of your most priced possessions; as such it is extremely important that you take good care of your valuable treasure. Here are five measures, which most often seem to be ignored, but if taken good care can lead to a longer life of your vehicle.

Parking brake: It is important to use the parking brake even in areas you think it’s not necessary. If you don’t, the entire weight of your vehicle is put on a little piece of metal called the parking pawl which might be detrimental for the life of your vehicle.

Acceleration and braking: While most drivers experience a thrill by screaming away from a signal, it is to be noted that braking hard is extremely dangerous for your car. It not only puts you close to a date with the mechanic, but also damages the internal parts of your beautiful possession.
Shift lever: If you’re tired of driving, it is no good reason to use the hand lever as a hand rest. The weight of your hand actually puts load on the sliders within your transmission, causing unnecessary wear.

Extra weight: While the big cars are known to carry-off the weight, it is best advised to remove every pound of extra weight that impacts the fuel and puts extra stress on the suspension. Clean your car regularly and remove the unwanted junk every fortnight!

Warning signs: Like a radio or a TV, little squeaks, intermittent rattles, or other unusual noises in your car shouldn’t be ignored. They should be addressed immediately before it leads the car to suffer further attacks.

Zain Zoom