The Flying Car is Here to Drive in our Lifetime

This is not another teasing title or a facebook kicker, it's the real thing, the flying car is here and it will be available to drive on roads in our lifetime!

The Flying Car

AeroMobil is the name of this flying car which is developed by a Slovakian firm, yes a Slovakian firm, not a German, not a British and not a US firm ...

The flying car, AeroMobil, can be driven into city roads and park at almost any parking space you usually use for your ordinary none-flying car. It has wings that can fold into the back seat behind the driver when in car mode, when the wings are open, the car is ready to fly in the air!


As for fuel, you can stop at every station in your area, there is no need to keep looking for the one station that provide Gaz or electricity for your car.

If you are eager to see the third version of AeroMobile, just make sure to be at the Pioneers Festival in Austria on the 29th of October.

Watch the video:

Hats off to Slovaks.

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