Shah Rukh Khan is The Boss in Raees


All Bollywood fans and in particular Shah Rukh Khan fans, be ready for The Bomb! I am betting that Shah’s upcoming movie “Raees” is going to be a humongous HIT!

The movie is set for Eid 2016 release and is no walk in the park for Shah Rukh Khan.
Most of the movie has been shot but a few scenes remain to be shot soon in Mumbai.
Throughout the shooting Shah Rukh suffered from a serious knee injury and underwent surgery … he was seen in between shots with a crutch.

The movie is about a bootlegger, whose business is being obstructed by a policeman.
This is the first time Shah Rukh takes up a role like this one, and we simply can’t wait to see him in action. He’s definitely going to rock it!

The official Raees teaser was released a week ago and that made fans go mad!
Some fans even took it upon themselves to create a fan-made teaser using the original one and Shah Rukh LOVED it!

Check out the official Raees trailer … You’ll love it!

Currently Shah Rukh is working in Bulgaria on the filming of his upcoming movie with Kajol, Dilwale. This one is very much awaited, since it rejoins SRK and Kajol, who made a fantabulous Jodi in the classic movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Please fans, if you think there’s some info missing from my article, feel free to share anything you like in the comments below … THX!