Shah Rukh Khan in Breaking Bad?


Have you seen the TV series “Breaking Bad” ? It’s faaantastic! And the King of Bollywood seems to think so too!

Shah Rukh Khan wants to turn “Breaking Bad” into a movie and wants to be the lead in it.

SRK revealed in an interview that he’d like to make a Bollywood movie that is an adaptation of “Breaking Bad” and would like to play the main character.

The story is that of the original series; a Chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to turn to crime and selling drugs to secure the future of his family after his death!

I think all those elements of crime, family and Shah Rukh Khan will produce a hit .. but do we want to see the character of SRK die in the end??? It would be a sad ending .. unless it turns out he is misdiagnosed and manages to flee to the Bahamas and live a life of luxury with his family!!! Just tuning into my creative writer side!!!

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