Deepika and Ranveer Spicing up Their ‘friendship’?


It was not enough that they did one of the most mesmerizing love stories on screen in “RamLeela”, but carried that chemistry throughout the entire year off screen as well, and it was not enough that Deepika and Ranveer were often giving each other surprises and meeting each other on each other’s sets and shoots, but the couple, after spending a lovely time in the lovely Maldives and ringing in the New Year, the “secret” couple went to Bangalore to bring in Dee’s birthday with her family.

Ranveer even got Dee a unique gift, a collector’s edition Gold clutch … Ranveer flew back to Mumbai the next day and Dee will surely follow.

The couple are now being compared to Kajol and SJK, but while they might never have been a proper couple, they are. Ranveer’s Instagram account clearly talked about how he and Deepika look good together, and the hints could not get stronger. Will this stay as it is, or it will take a step forward and go into the realm of marriage? Maybe that’s a bit far fetched now, but nobody knows except them, or maybe even not them!