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October 26, 2005

Super Star Rouwaida Attiah in Dubai

rouwaida attiah

Syrian Super Star runner-up Rouwaida Attiah is getting ready to head to Dubai.

She will be the guest star of Noujoum Television directly from the Kufa tent, and will be presenting some of her songs from her new album.

Photo Gallery:

Rouwaida Attiah

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Super Star Rouwaida Attiah in Dubai | Comments (9)

September 29, 2005

Ammar Hassan’s First Album

Future Super Star 3 contestant Palestinian Ammar Hassan has finished the work on his long awaited album which is also his first.
The album contains 8 songs and is entitled ‘El Helm El Kebir’ the big dream.
The album will be launched on the occasion of the feast –Eid El Fitr-.
What is worth mentioning is that Ammar will be holding a few concerts during the holy month of Ramadan in Beirut.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:14 PM
Ammar Hassan’s First Album | Comments (9)

September 03, 2005

Future Super Star in October

Future Super Star 3

At last the long awaited program 'Super Star' will be aired on the Lebanese satellite channel 'Future' in October, during the holy month of Ramadan.
This third season of this popular program has been delayed because of the sad events last April after the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 07:24 PM
Future Super Star in October | Comments (7)

August 23, 2005

Ayman Al Atar, Bahebak

ayman al atar

Libyan Super Star Ayman Al Atar has begun his professional singing career with an exclusive video clip to his first song 'Bahebak' from his first album.
The clip can be viewed nowadays on the Lebanese Channel 'Future', and will then be viewed on the famous music channel 'Melody Hits'.
He will be launching his new album on the 25th of August, and for the occasion will hold a few parties in Lebanon, Egypt and Qatar among other Arab countries.

Posted by H.A.R. at 12:53 PM
Ayman Al Atar, Bahebak | Comments (60)

July 20, 2005

Arab SuperStar 2 Album Out

Super Star 2

After a long wait, and a delay that was caused by the tragic death of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on the 14th of February, the long awaited Future Super Star album will be available for the public in July.

The album entitled “We Ibtada El Mishwar” the journey has started, contains 16 songs for the contestants who reached the finals; Mohammad Daoud, Hadi Aswad, Mustafa Shweikh, Rania Shaban, Abeer Neme, Raneen Shaar, Brigit Yaghi, Ammar Hasan, Husam Madanieh, Muhannad Mshalah, Raneem Ktait, Yasmeen Husseini, Abdul Rahman Muhammad, Hussam Shami, Waad El Bahri and Zahi Safieh.
The video clips can be seen on the music channels such as Melody.

Posted by H.A.R. at 10:44 AM
Arab SuperStar 2 Album Out | Comments (9)

April 26, 2005

Future Super Star 3, Appropriate?

Future Super Star 3

After the death of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and lately Basel Flaihan, things at Future TV are bound to go back to normal, but do you think it is appropriate for Future Television to get busy in the production of the third season of the popular talent program Super Star? Or will it be a good boost for the network, which will take them out of the sadness and dreariness they are suffering from now?

Posted by H.A.R. at 01:12 AM
Future Super Star 3, Appropriate? | Comments (30)

February 03, 2005

American Idol vs. Future Super Star

Future Super Star, which will starts its third season soon, has become a famous program that attracts thousands of people to try their chances to become Stars. The original program is the American version; American Idol. And has spread all over the world with different versions in different countries such as Germany, Poland and England.

It was interesting watching the Future Super Star casting episodes, seeing the judges and the contestants, but most of all seeing the weird people who are serious about their voices, and think they actually have a good voice!
After seeing the American Idol, I found out that those weirdoes are nothing comparing to the bizarre things the judges see in their quest to find the right number of contestants throughout the American states.

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Posted by WALEG at 11:49 PM
American Idol vs. Future Super Star | Comments (10)

November 24, 2004

Shadi Aswad’s new single

Shadi Aswad

Syrian Super Star Shadi Aswad has released a single and video clip which is being aired on the Arabic Music Channel Melody Hits.
The song is called “Ta’y La’andy” and it sounds really good and Shadi looks better than ever.

Check it out and let us know what you think …

Posted by H.A.R. at 01:10 PM
Shadi Aswad’s new single | Comments (76)

September 01, 2004

Ayman Alaatar , SuperStar of 2004

Ayman Al Aatar from Libya is the SuperStar of 2004. Soon we will add a special photo gallery for Ayman Al Aatar and also for Ammar Hassan.

Posted by WALEG at 04:19 PM
Ayman Alaatar , SuperStar of 2004

August 22, 2004

Ammar Hasan and Ayman Alaatar

It´s the final countdown !
This week is the last week of the second Arab Future Superstar ... and the two competing for the title are Ammar Hasan from Palestine and Ayman Alaatar from Libya.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:50 PM
Ammar Hasan and Ayman Alaatar | Comments (150)

August 13, 2004

Ayman Alaatar

Ayman Alaatar

Everybody has to start somewhere … Ayman Alaatar started on the radio, in a morning program in his country Libya, when he was only nine years old. Since then, this young talent began winning the love of listeners …
Ayman became known in Libya, not only on radio but on television too.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:39 PM
Ayman Alaatar | Comments (17)

August 09, 2004

Super Star Result

This week was very critical for the remaining contestants in the Arab Super Star ... four guys; Ayman Alaatar from Libya, Hadi Aswad from Syria, Ranim Kouteit from Egypt, Ammar Hassan from Palestine ... they are all good.

The voting was a lot ... but the two to stand in the danger zone were Ranim and Hadi ... the one to leave was Ranim Kouteit from Egypt .
We wish him all the best ...

Posted by WALEG at 08:48 PM
Super Star Result | Comments (40)

August 08, 2004

Future Superstar

Future Superstar's weekly primes are each special in a different way ... this week it was Nancy Ajram who made the prime sparkle ...

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Posted by WALEG at 11:03 PM
Future Superstar

August 03, 2004

Arab Superstar

Who do you think will leave Arab Superstar next week? This week Brigitte Yaghi didn't have enough votes to stay at Arab Superstar; whose next?

Voting is closed.

Posted by WALEG at 02:17 PM
Arab Superstar | Comments (22)

August 02, 2004

Brigitte Yaghi

We didn't expect what happened tonight in the Arab Super Star program ... one contenstant left the program in one of the closest episodes to the final ...
four guys and one single girl ... who is the best, who deserves to leave ... it is all decided by the audience ...

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Posted by WALEG at 10:36 PM
Brigitte Yaghi | Comments (32)

July 27, 2004

Arabic Superstar

Muhannad Mushallah

Muhannad Mushallah from Syria leaves Arabic Superstar show this week... Thats really disappointing!

Now, who is going to be the next?

Brigitte Yaghi from Lebanon
Ayman Alaatar from Libya
Hadi Aswad from Syria
Ranim Kouteit from Egypt
Ammar Hassan from Palestien

Posted by WALEG at 02:14 AM
Arabic Superstar | Comments (18)

July 19, 2004

Hussam Madaniah

Today the result episode of Future SuperStar was intense ... three contestants stood in the danger zone and one left ...
The three were Bregit Yaghi, Hussam Madania and Muhannad Mechalah ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:12 PM
Hussam Madaniah | Comments (13)

Ammar Hassan a Superstar

I believe they all have an incredible voice. I just thought it was truly unfair that Shereen let everyone sing and did not give the microphone to Ammar Hassan to sing and not only that but she told everyone she is afraid of him and made him seem too serious when he holds within him a kind heart. I believe that Hassan is the superstar, and deserves to hold the light of victory.

Dr. Iyad Alshurafa from Palestine

Posted by WALEG at 11:53 AM
Ammar Hassan a Superstar | Comments (25)

July 18, 2004

SuperStar Prime


Today the SuperStar Prime was very nice and relaxing to watch. The atmosphere was very exciting especially that the guest was Egyptian singer Shireen.
This week only seven contestants have remained and by tomorrow they will become six. Each contestant sang two songs … in my personal opinion Ammar Hassan, Ayman Alaatar and Muhannad Mushallah stood out among the group…

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:30 PM
SuperStar Prime | Comments (17)

July 15, 2004

Arab Superstar

Arab Superstar news, interviews and special Arab superstar candidates photo gallery...

Coming soon on WALEG.com

Posted by WALEG at 06:18 PM
Arab Superstar | Comments (10)

July 11, 2004


FTV Super Star

Who is your favourite superstar from the remaining candidates:

- Muhannad Mushallah from Syria
- Brigitte Yaghi from Lebanon
- Abir Nehme from Lebanon
- Ayman Alaatar from Libya
- Abed Al Rahman Mohammad Saudi Arabia
- Hussam Madaniya from Syria
- Hadi Aswad from Syria
- Ranim Kouteit from Egypt
- Ammar Hassan from Palestien

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Posted by WALEG at 08:05 PM
Superstar | Comments (34)

July 06, 2004

Arab Superstar

Superstar past week's prime guests were Diana Karazon, Ruwaida Atiah, Milhem Zein & Saoud Abu Sultan, the four finalists of last years Arab Superstar.

And this week's prime guest was Asala Nasri...

There will be no voting this week because Abeer Nimeh's dad is sick so she wasnt't able to participate on this prime because she was with him.

Share your comments and tell us who do you think will win on Arab Superstar 2?

Arab Super Star 3 >>

Posted by WALEG at 12:49 AM
Arab Superstar | Comments (16)

June 23, 2004

Mustafa Shweikh

Mustafa Shweikh

Mustafa Shweikh was one of super star 2 candidates, he is from Egypt.
What do you think of Mustafa Shweikh? Did he deserve to leave early or he wasn't judged fairly?

Mustafa Shweikh photo was taken on a special interview with him on Future TV.

Posted by WALEG at 01:10 PM
Mustafa Shweikh | Comments (12)

June 21, 2004

Hadi Aswad

Hadi Aswad

Last year we heard about the Syrian talent Shadi Aswad, and this year we get introduced to his brother … yes, his brother. Hadi Aswad is also a young Syrian talent; he has the looks and the voice...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:32 PM
Hadi Aswad | Comments (58)

June 17, 2004

Super Star Finalists

Future TV Super Star 2

Who do you think will be the next to leave Future Super Star next week:

Ammar Hassan - Palestine
Mohammed Daoud - Kuwait
Abdul Rahman Mohammed - Saudi Arabia
Raneem Ktait - Egypt
Bregit Yaghi - Lebanon
Hadi Asswad - Syria
Hussam Madania - Syria
Ayman Al'atar - Libya
Abeer Nema - Lebanon
Mohannad Mechalah - Syria
Hussam Al-Shami - Lebanon

Posted by WALEG at 09:01 PM
Super Star Finalists | Comments (47)

May 31, 2004

Future Arab Super Star 2

Future Arab Super Star 2

Share your opinion about Future Arab Super Star 2 here:

Future Super Star 2

Posted by WALEG at 01:01 AM
Future Arab Super Star 2

May 11, 2004

Future TV Super Star

FTV Super Star

We would like to announce the two winners from group five who have moved to the third level of Future TV Super Star and congratulate them and wish them the best. They are Hadi Asswad from Syria and Brigit Yaghi from Lebanon.

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Posted by WALEG at 01:32 AM
Future TV Super Star | Comments (67)

May 03, 2004

“Super Star” Fourth Group Winners

Tonight the results of the fourth group of Future Super Star “2” were out.
The results were close, and the contestants were all worthy of winning.
But the rules are that only two people will move to the third level, and this week the two are guys...

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April 27, 2004

Superstar Third Group Winners

Today we waited with anticipation to see who of the 14 contestants of the third group will move up to the final level. Today, the results were announced on TV as usual and the two winners are:

Mustafa Shweikh from Egypt and Rania Ibrahim from UAE.

Posted by WALEG at 12:09 AM
Superstar Third Group Winners | Comments (13)

April 19, 2004

Mohammad and Yasmine

FTV Super Star

Yesterday, after watching Super Star and seeing the 14 contestants of group two, sing to win, it was difficult choosing to whom to vote … they all have lovely voices...

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Posted by WALEG at 09:53 PM
Mohammad and Yasmine | Comments (21)

April 13, 2004

Future Super Star 2

Future Super Star 2

This show is a talent contest with singers from all the Arab World, competing for the title of SUPER STAR, the Arabic version of American Idol, which is managed by the Lebanon-based Future Satellite TV station...

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Future Super Star 2 | Comments (160)