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June 08, 2006

Mission Fashion 2006 Winners

mission fashion winners antoine & reem

After a beautiful night filled with breathtaking designs from the three finalists of Mission Fashion, & beautiful models swaying on the catwalk, & entertaining songs from the famous Lebanese singer Nawal Zoghbi, the winners of the first Mission Fashion program are Antoine from Lebanon & Reem from Tunisia.
We wish them all the best & wish all the other contestant the best of luck because they all deserve to be stars in the world of fashion.
Congratulations Antoine & Reem.

Posted by H.A.R. at 10:36 PM
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Mission Fashion Winners

Who do you think will win today on Mission Fashion?

- Antoine
- Eliane
- Baligh

- Kulthoum
- Reem
- Miriam

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June 03, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 8 Photos

Mission Fashion Prime 8 photos are now online.
Enjoy photos of Lebanese singer Rami Ayach & of the beautiful models & various designs.

Mission Fashion - Prime 8 Photos

Mission Fashion - Prime 8 Photos

Posted by H.A.R. at 01:56 PM
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June 02, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 8

It was fascinating watching tonight's Mission Fashion Prime because Elie Saab's pink dresses were absolutely breathtaking! There was not one dress that wasn't beautiful in every way!
The guest tonight was Lebanese pop star Rami Ayach.
As for the Models, they were all very professional, I mean, they have to be they are the final four! Therefor It wasn't surprising that the judges gave both Reem & Miriam 9's & 8's!
As for the designers, who has the task of designing dresses for a summer night out while on a cruise at sea! & the designers presented great stuff!

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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:21 PM
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May 30, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 7

The nominees this week are:

From the models:
- Kalthoum
- Karen

From the designers:
- Soulafa
- Eliane

Posted by WALEG at 07:30 PM
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May 26, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 7

Tonight's prime was interesting. The guest was Saudi singer Waad, who looked smashing in white!
The models looked their best in black evening dresses by Elie Saab.
As for the designers, they were asked to design black evening dresses & they did a great job. My favorite dress was that of Antoine. -What was your favorite?-
The nominees this prime were very tense & the results were very close!
The designer to stay is Sulafa & the model to stay is Karen.
Dania & Faten left with only fractions of difference in the results.

Posted by H.A.R. at 10:14 PM
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May 24, 2006

Mission Fashion 6th Evaluation

Here are some photos of the 6th evaluation of Mission Fashion

Photos of Mission Fashion 6th Evaluation

Photos of Mission Fashion 6th Evaluation

Thanks to Gina for sharing these photos with us.

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May 23, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 6

The nominees this week have taken it really hard!

From the designers:
- Sulafa
- Dania

Who will you vote for?

From the models:
- Faten
- Karen

Who will you vote for?

Good Luck to all.

Posted by H.A.R. at 07:02 PM
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May 20, 2006

Haifa at Mission Fashion

Haifa Wehbe was the guest at the Mission Fashion prime yesterday.
She looked good in both black & gold dresses, & couldn't let the night go by without singing her latest hit, Bous El Wawa!

Here is a photo gallery of Haifa at Mission Fashion.

Haifa at Mission Fashion


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May 19, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 6

mission fashion prime 6 results

Mission Fashion Friday primes are always interesting to watch; with exciting designs by Elie Saab, new themes & designs by the contestants & a few new moves from the models.
The guest of this prime was Haifa Wehbe.
Tonight the task was a dress reflecting flowers! That ever the design is it has to be simple, not exaggerated & very comfortable.
This time, I am going to mention the two dresses I personally didn't like, which are the designs of Eliane & Antoine!
As for the nominees, which this time are only from the models, the one to leave is Lubna from Egypt.

Posted by H.A.R. at 08:44 PM
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May 16, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 5

Today the 5th nomination took place in Mission Fashion.
The designers task was to design a dress that reflects music & musical instruments.
As for the models, they had to model a jacket & sunglasses for an Haute-couture catwalk!
This week there are no nominees from the designers! Surprise!
As for the models, the nominees are:

- Faten from Tunisia
- Lubna from Egypt

Good Luck Faten & Lubna.

Posted by H.A.R. at 05:45 PM
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Prime 5 Photos

Here are some photos from the 5th prime of Mission Fashion 2006 that is being aired on LBC TV everyday Friday.

Mission Fashion Prime 5 Photos

Mission Fashion Prime 5 Photos

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May 12, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 5

The prime tonight was as interesting as usual. The guest was Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi, who gave immunity to the designers Antoine & Ra'ed by choosing their designs as her favorite.
As for the task this time, it was the tricky task of designing a 30's dress.
All the designers did their best, and the outcome was great for all of them & this time I'm not going to say which designs were my favorite! -What was your favorite design?-
But it was interesting to hear how dresses evolved & changed from the 20's to the 30's!

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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:31 PM
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May 09, 2006

Mission Fashion 4th Evaluation Photos

The jury liked Sulafa’s design a lot, they liked the material she used and also the color she chose. Dania’s design concept got a good impression by the Jury but the concept was lost on the real design of the dress.

As for Mohammad’s design, they liked the material but they were some details they wish they were different. Eliane design’s was nice however the jury and specifically the French teacher think that her ideas are the same.

Finally, Baligh choose red as the color of his design, a color which the jury thought to be too strong, the dancing teacher told him that she didn't like his design this time.

Here are some photos from the 4th evaluation of Mission Fashion

Mission Fashion 4th Evaluation Photos

Thanks to Gina for sharing these photos with us and also for sharing the review about the evaluation which we translated for you from Arabic

Posted by WALEG at 11:05 PM
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Mission Fashion Nominees - 4

The nominees of the 4th week of Mission Fashion are:


- Mohammad From Egypt
- Baligh from Tunisia


- Faten from Tunisia
- Crystel from Lebanon

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May 06, 2006

Mission Fashion Prime 4 Photo Gallery

Photo's of the designers & models of Mission Fashion are now online in a photo gallery of the 4th prime.
Photo include those of Wael Kfouri & Elie Saab.

Mission Fashion Prime 4 Photo Gallery

Mission Fashion Prime 4 Photo Gallery

Posted by H.A.R. at 03:38 PM
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May 05, 2006

Mission Fashion – Prime 4

elian & fatma

Mission Fashion’s 4th prime wasn’t much different than the usual, but it was very much worth watching because of the guest Wael Kfouri & the different designs that the models displayed.
It is worth saying that the Prêt a Porte collection by Elie Saab was fantastic; each dress was stunning in it’s own way.
The designers mission during the week was to design a unique male suit for singer Wael Kfouri! And the two designers to get immunity from next week’s nomination are Eliane & Antione.
As for the designers task for the prime as Elie Saab requested, was for each of them to design a wedding dress; a very critical & challenging subject.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:57 PM
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May 02, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 3

This week was a full week for the designers & models of Mission Fashion '06.
Unfortunately the Saudi designer Raed had to leave the competition & head home to Saudi Arabia, because his dad is suffering from a critical health condition. -We wish his dad the best, may he get well soon-
As for the nominees, the two designers in danger are Lebanese Rayan, and the reason for his nomination is that he got unwanted & unneeded help from Antoine! The second designer in danger is Egyptian Mohammad, and the reason is that he isn't showing any creativity at all!
As for the models, the two ladies in danger this time are Tunisian Fatmah & Lebanese Crystel.

Who will you vote for? (Models)

- Fatma from Tunisia
- Crystel from Lebanon

Who will you vote for? (Designers)

- Rayan from Lebanon
- Mohammad from Egypt

Posted by H.A.R. at 07:08 PM
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April 28, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 3

Tonight the third Mission Fashion prime started out with the models modeling a beautiful white collection by Elie Saab.
Then the judges gave marks to the models according to how they walked & presented the collection.
The best models were: Crystel from Lebanon, Reem from Tunisia & Lubna from Egypt.
As for the designers, their mission this prime & according to the request of Elie Saab, was to design a Dancing Ball dress, something light, feminine & practical for dancing!
The best designs - in my opinion - were by Antoine from Lebanon, Sulafa from Saudi Arabia & Mohammed from Egypt.

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April 27, 2006

Mission Fashion Models Photos

If you missed the second evaluation of the Models on Mission Fashion real TV program, follow the link below to see some photos of the all the models during that evaluation which was about showing how to handle Handbags:

Mission Fashion Models 2nd Evaluation Photos

Mission Fashion Models 2nd Evaluation Photos

Thanks to Gazelle for sharing these photos with us.

Posted by WALEG at 07:55 PM
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April 25, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 2

This week the competition was heated by a sport chic challenge for the designers, and a hand bag modelling segment for the models.
The two designers who didn't get it right this time around are Abdallah from Kuwait & Dania from Iraq.
As for the two models that didn't get the hang of the catwalk yet & maybe broke some of the basic rules of modeling during the first two weeks are Jamila from Algeria & Fatin from Tunisia.
Friday's prime will host Lebanese singer Carole Samaha, and will determine who of the 4 nominees leaves.
Who will you vote for?

Posted by H.A.R. at 06:57 PM
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April 21, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 2

Tonight the second Mission Fashion prime was elegant, sensual & very interesting.
The guest was Egyptian singer Shireen, and she looked great in all different looks she wore during the prime.
A new model has joined the girls, she is called Jamila, and still needs a lot of training for the catwalk!
Well, as for the designers & their designs, the assignment was a modern dress inspired by the traditional costume of the designers homeland. Some dresses immediately show the origin of the design, while others seemed lacking & vague ...

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April 18, 2006

Mission Fashion Nominees - 1

Tonight the first 4 nominees of the new reality program on LBC Mission Fashion, were announced.
The evaluation for both categories; models & designers, wasn't easy.
The models were tested for their look during a photo shoot, their walk on the catwalk & other details concerning modeling.
The designers had to design a dress that expresses friendship, and personally i liked the dress that Sulafa designed the most.
The first surprise was the dropping out of the Egyptian Model Ilham Wagdi. She couldn't continue because she felt sick.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 07:01 PM
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April 17, 2006

Mission Fashion - Prime 1

mission fashion

Last Saturday, the first prime of the newest reality show on LBC started.
Mission Fashion Prime 1 was all about introducing the contestants; Models & Fashion Designers, & starting with the eliminations. Every week contestants will leave from each group.
Here are the highlights of the night: The guest was Elissa & she sang her new smash hit Bastanak. The Models who left were Salima from Morocco & Fatmah from Tunisia.
While the ones to stay are Karin from Lebanon, Reem from Tunisia, Crystel from Lebanon, Lubna from Egypt, Faten from Tunisia, Mariam from Algeria, Kalthum from Morocco, Fatmah from Tunisia, Sana from Egypt & Ilham from Egypt.

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April 10, 2006

Mission Fashion

So its the end of Star Academy... Now its time for the new reality show: Mission Fashion, every week a fashion designer and a model goes home.. Will you watch it or have you had enough of these reality shows?

By guest writer Yaman

Posted by WALEG at 06:29 PM
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