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September 19, 2007

Elissa Criticized!


Lebanese singer Elissa has entered a war zone and her opponents are those women known as ‘seductive singers’ which include Nagla and Maria. The reason this battle erupted is that Elissa appeared in a well known soap commercial and one of the scenes had her in a bathtub. Not much attention would have been paid to this had Elissa not constantly and rightfully criticize all the singers like Maria who also appeared in bathtubs as part of their video clips!

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September 08, 2007

Elissa is Scared to Be Herself!

Elissa and JLO

How many times has Elissa worn a dress that has been worn before by another artist? The women Elissa has copied include Jennifer Lopez, Hayfa Wahbe, Nancy Ajram and just recently Najwa Karam! The first few times it happened we took it as an embarrassing coincidence in fact some of us actually felt bad for Elissa and blamed it on whoever was in charge of her wardrobe! But come on, it has happened over 8 times and it isn’t even that Elissa takes ideas of dresses from fellow socialites and uses them as an inspiration; she copies them exactly and wears them with pride. The most common star that Elissa has copied is Jennifer Lopez, Elissa copies Jennifer’s hair, look and clothes.

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August 28, 2007

Elissa in the Maldives

Elissa in the Maldives

These are some recent photos of Elissa in the Maldives where it seems she was spending a summer vacation...

Pictures of Elissa in the Maldives

Thanks to Abed for the photos

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August 24, 2007

Elissa in the States Soon

Elissa in a concert in Monaco

Wondering how Elissa is doing this summer?! For a beginning, she held successful concerts in Tunisia, Jordan and also in Monaco… Yes in Monaco! Elissa’s participation was part of a Middle Eastern night held at Sporting Club, where lots of her fans came to see her … The photo above shows Elissa in Monaco wearing a fabulous white dress designed by the famous designer Valentino.

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Elissa in the States Soon | Comments (14)

August 02, 2007

Elissa Converted to Islam!

Elissa wearing the Hijab!

Is this true or is it just another silly rumor?
Did Lebanese singer Elissa really convert to Islam??!

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Elissa Converted to Islam! | Comments (11)

July 31, 2007

Elissa and a US Tour


Lebanese star Elissa is scheduled to begin a US tour in September which is to be organized by the company ‘Stars on Tour’. The tour begins with the ‘Arabian and Greek nights Extravaganza XII’ in Las Vegas which is as the name implies a night where performers from the Arab world and Greece come to perform, this years Greek artist is Lefteris Pantazis who is very well known in the Greek musical industry.

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Elissa and a US Tour | Comments (14)

July 25, 2007

Elissa in Paris with Elie Saab

Photo of Elissa in Paris with Elie Saab

As usual Elissa was at the Fashion Week in Paris last week which she always attends regardless of her busy schedule, and there she met Elie Saab. Along with attending the Lebanese designer Elie’s fashion show, she was also at the grand opening of his new shop in Paris that holds Elie Saabs name. This boutique is located in Avono Monatan Street which is counted as one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Paris.

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June 26, 2007

Elissa Accused of Assault


We have all heard about Elissa's hate-hate relationship with the press, well it seems lately they have had another clash.
Apparently a journalist is accusing Elissa of assault during the filming of the latest prime of the program Album. According to this particular journalist, he followed Elissa after she finished her onstage appearance to assess her opinion regarding the teams competing. Upon him entering her room, she yells at him to get out saying no one is allowed inside and requests from her companion that he be removed, which the former does forcibly!!

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June 18, 2007

Elissa at the Lux Beauty Contest

Elissa cut the celebratory cake at the Lux Beauty Contest

Recently many of you will have seen Elissa in the abundant Lux commercials and maybe even heard of the Lux Beauty Campaign and Competition. The Lux competition basically asked women to write what they thought beauty meant to them and the top ten finalists were crowned at an event that Elissa attended. What was strange about Elissa is that for some reason she seemed to have a ring of bodyguards who surrounded her from the moment she entered until she left.

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June 10, 2007

It’s Not a Nightmare for Nancy, Haifa & Elissa!

Nancy and Elissa wearing the same dress

While most celebrities consider wearing the same dress a real nightmare, Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe and Elissa have no problem at all wearing the same dress!

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April 25, 2007

Elissa Has Car Accident in Beirut


Lebanese singer Elissa got into a car accident last Saturday as she was going home.
Elissa was driving her Range Rover at around 8 pm on the Forum de Beirouth road, when she got followed by two cars. She tried to lose them but ended up hitting another car.
Elissa wasn't badly injured, but it was the shock that took it's toll on her more than anything else.
Get well soon Elissa ... we don't want to see you cry!

Posted by H.A.R. at 09:46 AM
Elissa Has Car Accident in Beirut | Comments (11)

March 26, 2007

Elissa Does It Again!

Elissa and Sherine same dress

Just when you thought Elissa had learned her lesson, just when you thought she wouldn't imitate J.Lo or Haifa by wearing their dresses anymore... Elissa defeats your expectations and does it again! This time, the dress she seemed to like came from Sherine Abdelwahab's wardrobe.

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Elissa Does It Again! | Comments (17)

March 20, 2007

Elissa in Milano for Vogue!

elissa is the new face of vogue sunglasses

It's Official! Lebanese singer Elissa is the new face of Vogue Sunglasses.
Elissa has flown to Milano for a photo-shoot for the glasses by renowned photographer Carlo Miari Folcerz, who has already worked with Hollywood stars like George Clooney.
Elissa Said in a statement that Vogue is new international product & she is proud to be their new representative in the Middle East & North Africa.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:05 PM
Elissa in Milano for Vogue! | Comments (1)

March 06, 2007

Elissa Video Clip, Vogue & Dubai Conert

Photo from Elissa New Video Clip

These are some photos from the new video clip 'Lao Terafouh' of the Lebanese singer Elissa. The shooting of the video clip took place in Beirut and was directed by French director Yannick Saillet.

Photos from Elissa new video clip

Photos from Elissa new video clip Lao Terafouh

Elissa traveled to Dubai two days ago where she attended a special party for launching the new collection of Vogue sunglasses; she will also hold a concert tomorrow in Dubai alongside Kuwaiti singer and star academy 1 candidate Bashar Alshatti who participated in the last prime of LBC Star Academy 4 as one of the guests. Emarati singer Ahlam and Egyptian singer Hani Shaker will also be in this concert.

Watch the video clip

February 21, 2007

Elissa & Her Wardrobe Crisis!

From left to right, Elissa in Cairo and in Bahrain

We said it once & we'll say it again, it seems Elissa has a serious wardrobe crisis!
Elissa held two concerts, one in Bahrain & the other in Cairo ... But she wore the same dress to both!
People who attended her concert in Bahrain, were astonished after seeing her photos of the Cairo concert ... Because although there was around 1 month between the two concerts, she chose to wear the same light lavender dress.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 05:55 PM
Elissa & Her Wardrobe Crisis! | Comments (8)

December 03, 2006

Did Elissa Buy Her Award?

Photo of Elissa after the World Music Awards 2006

Back from the World Music Awards in London, Elissa isn't enjoying the spoils of her victory. She won the award for highest sales in the Middle East but she sure isn't feeling high. She was faced with a swarm of press accusing her of buying the award and not earning it. She was so upset with the accusations she couldn't hide her emotions and lashed out at the press.

The allegations arouse from Hussein Al Jasmi who said that the award was offered to him first for a large sum of money which he turned down. And as you can expect, the press naturally pointed the finger at poor little Elissa who had no comment.

I wonder!

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Did Elissa Buy Her Award? | Comments (25)

November 16, 2006

Photos of Elissa at the World Music Award

These are some photos of Lebanese singer Elisssa at the World Music Award event in which she won an award for the second time as the best Arab artist for her album ‘bastanak’ (Im waiting for you).

Elissa dedicated this award to Lebanon and its people and to the soul of her father, her family and also to the prince Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, Rotana TV team, her manager and to all her fans.

Photos of Elissa at the World Music Award

Pictures of Elissa at the World Music Award

- Micheal Jackson's Stage Fright!
- Elissa at the World Music Awards 2006

November 13, 2006

Elissa at the World Music Awards 2006


Lebanese singer Elissa is recognized again as the best-selling artist in Lebanon this year at the World Music Awards 2006 which is the only international Music Award ceremony that features the world's best selling artists. Recoding artists have to sell millions of records in order to win a world music award.

Some of the World Music Awards 2006 performers will be:

- Michael jackson (USA)
- Beyonce (USA)
- Chris Brown (USA)

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November 02, 2006

Elissa Beats Nancy at Sales


Although the famous Lebanese singer Elissa's record sales have dropped since last year, she still made enough sales to be number one beating Nancy Ajram.
She achieved the number one post for highest record sales of 350 thousand copies in Egypt for her album "Bastanak" or "I'll Wait for You".

Elissa's sales dropped from 450 thousand last year. It might be due to the fact that her release date was at the same time as the World Cup and the Israeli war on Lebanon.

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Elissa Beats Nancy at Sales | Comments (24)

September 12, 2006

Elissa in Paris Fashion Week

These are some pictures of Lebanese singer Elissa in Paris fashion week with celebrities like Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab, actress Liv Taylor and also fashion designer Galliano.

Elissa was officially invited to this event by Dior along with Hollywood actresses Liv Taylor and Drew Barrymore.

Photos of Elissa in Paris Fashion Week

Elissa in Paris Fashion Week

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Elissa in Paris Fashion Week | Comments (8)

May 18, 2006

Elissa in Haifa’s Dress!!!

Elissa in Haifa’s Dress

No comment!
(Click here or on the picture to enlarge it)

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Elissa in Haifa’s Dress!!! | Comments (26)

May 02, 2006

Elissa in Egypt

These are some photos of Lebanese singer Elissa in a recent concert she held in Alexandria, Egypt in Acacia Country Club.
The boy band Wama and Egyptian singer Yasser who was one of the 16 students of Star Academy 1 also participated in this concert.

Photo from Elissa's concert in Egypt

Photos of Elissa in Egypt

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Elissa in Egypt | Comments (11)

April 08, 2006

New Elissa Pepsi TV Commercial

elissa pepsi commercial

Have you seen the latest Pepsi TV Commercial?
Elissa has teamed up with Christina Aguilera for the newest Pepsi TV commercial.
The commercial is so cool; Elissa looks great as she appears in a studio, in the snow in Prague & in Japan wearing a Kimono!
This Pepsi commercial is being aired on LBC TV, so if you would like to see the video, which i advise you to do, you can see it in our video section:
Elissa & Christina Aguilera Pepsi TV Ad.

Posted by H.A.R. at 11:13 AM
New Elissa Pepsi TV Commercial | Comments (45)

March 11, 2006

Is Elissa trying to copy JLO ?

Elissa wearing the same dress of Jennifer Lopez

I happen to be a big fan of both Elissa and JLO. And because of that i started to notice how Elissa is trying to copy JLO's style. I understand that competition plays a big role in an artist's life but not to that extreme! Elissa has some pictures where she is wearing the exact same outfit JLO has worn before. Why try to be someone you're not. Elissa is also copying singer Beyonce Knowles, she is seen in various pictures wearing dresses just like Beyonce's, which were exclusively designed for Beyonce by her mom...

Photos of Elissa Coping Singers Dresses

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Is Elissa trying to copy JLO ? | Comments (47)

March 15, 2004

Elissa and the four remaining students

Elissa and the four remaining students

Sunday evening the students of LBC Star Academy got a special visit from the famous Lebanese singer Elissa. She came in a simple black jacket and skirt, wearing very little make-up - because a very close member of her family had died - , yet looking beautiful as usual…

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Elissa and the four remaining students | Comments (7)