Happy Birthday Miriam Fares!

Miriam in Miami

Miriam Fares likes to spend her birthday in a special place ... and who doesn't!?
Last year, Miriam spent her birthday holiday in Rome, while this year she chose the Sunshine state Florida and had some fun in the sun in Miami!
Miriam celebrates her b-day on May 3rd, but she's already started her vacation!

We wish Miriam a very happy birthday ... and we'll be waiting for next year to see where she'll be partying for her b-day!

Where would you like to spend your birthday?
Is there a special place you'd like to go?
Or is the place not so important when you've got your loved ones around you?

Arabs Got Talent 2 - 4th Episode

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi

The 4th episode of Arabs Got Talent was a surprise-filed one indeed!
There were so many diverse talents from all over the Arab world and one in particular cheated death!

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi, who's got a talent for Acrobatics, did well until the last minute of his performance when he slipped and fell a few meters and hit his head on the floor and bruised his eye bad!

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Dominique Hourani Says No to Lingerie (Photos)

Dominique Hourani

A few days ago, Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani posted on twitter pictures of herself wearing "sexy controversial lingerie" or what I simply prefer to call, a revealing red dress!
Because of these pictures which by the way were taken in a studio on top of a motorcycle, Dominique got several offers to become a model by many lingerie companies however she refused all these offers according to what she said to MBC.

Dominique also told MBC that she didn't mean to make a buzz or anything when she posted these pictures of her, she believes that this is just a simple dress.

Although she did elaborate a bit more about this on her Twitter account and said that she posed like such, because she is sure that most men like the color red and would like to see her posing in red lingerie on a motorcycle!!!

Check out these photos of Dominique Hourani in red lingerie and let us know what you think!

Pictures Dominique Hourani red lingerie

Arabs Got Talent 2 - 3rd Episode

Bob Look from Jordan

The third episode of Arabs Got Talent was an extremely entertaining one!
It started with Palestinian lawyer and impersonator, Mohammad Attah, who has the most amazing ability to mimic animal sounds!

Then the cutest little sisters from Lebanon, did some classic acrobatics with fabric hanging from the ceiling. Their smiles are even more attractive than the show they put on.

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Youssef Arafat with Fans in Jordan (Photos)

Youssef Arafat in Jordan

Jordanian Arab Idol contestant Youssef Arafat had a special treatment in Jordan last week. He was invited by producer Fahad Alemela. Lots of his fans were waiting for him at the airport ... he later had dinner at the Sheraton Amman Hotel with important people from the music industry where he was greeted by Mr. Akram Masora, the director of Jerash Festival, who mentioned that Youssef Arafat will be present at this year concerts of Jerash Festival.

During this special visit, Youssef Arafat was also invited to Irbid where he was greeted by more than 25000 people of his fans who came to say hello and show their admiration for him for the talent he showed during his participation in the first season of Arab Idol.

Here are some photos from Youssef Arafat visit to Jordan

photos Youssef Arafat with Fans in Jordan

Is Rouwaida Attieh The Queen of Arabic Music?


Syrian singer and Super Star finalist, Rouwaida Attieh was the guest of Coke Studio on MBC last night.
Rouwaida shared the episode with a Gypsy group from the Balkans, specifically Yugoslavia, and the mix of both types of music, Arabic and Gypsy, was an unforgettable one.

Another singer sharing the episode was Lebanese Gypsy, Bilal.

What caught my attention, other than the great "Fusion" music, was that Rouwaida seems to be a whole lot full of herself!
She even said that she's the crowned queen of Arabic music ... !
Now the thing is, no one can argue that she's got one of the grandest voices in the Arab world today!

What do you think? Is she?
And even if she was the best, should she be so frank about it and call herself a queen?!

Ramy Ayach Concert at Cavalli Club Dubai (Photos)

Ramy Ayach with Roberto Cavalli

Lebanese Pop Star Ramy Ayach held a concert a few days ago at the Cavalli Club Dubai. The concert was successful and Roberto Cavalli himself was there during this special night.

Ramy Ayach fans stayed until the early morning at the night club and had a great night singing and dancing with Ramy, they also took photos with him to remember this night...
Here are some photos of Ramy Ayach at Cavalli Club Dubai

Photos Ramy Ayach Concert Cavalli Club

Haifa Wehbe is a Grandmother!!

Haifa Wehbe - Baby Rahaf

Meet little Rahaf, Haifa Wehbe's granddaughter. Don't be shocked! This seems to be very true!
Famous magazine Sayidati published photos of little Rahaf, the daughter of Haifa's daughter, Zainab. So this automatically makes Haifa a grandma!

Zainab and Haifa have been away from each other for a very long time and the two must have inner wishes of meeting again ... will this baby bring mother, daughter and granddaughter together again after being estranged for so long?!

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Ayman Zabib Tonight on B. Beirut

Ayman Zabib in the snow

I gotta start this post with a question ... Do you like Ayman Zabib?
If you do, then you'll be pleased to know that Ayman is going to preview his latest video clip for his song "Ba7ibek Wallah" on LBC's show B. Beirut, tonight!

Ayman's clip was shot in the snow, under the direction of Rita Metri.

B. Beirut airs LIVE from Zaitunay Bay on LBC.

Nancy Ajram Coke Studio Photos

Nancy Ajram Coke Studio Show

Enjoy these photos of Nancy Ajram during the shooting of the first season of the Arabic edition of the famous Coke Studio TV show which mix Arab music with a music that belongs to another part of the world...

Nancy Ajram Coke Studio photos

Pictures Nancy Ajram Coke Studio TV Show

The first episode was aired on MBC channel on last Wednesday.
Did you watch the first episode? What do you think of it, did you like it? Share your thoughts with us :)

Arabs Got Talent 2 - 2nd Episode

Lord Gaga

The second episode of Arabs Got Talent was a fun filled one on Friday night.
The judges were all in a good mood and so were the contestants ... most of which qualified to the next stage!
The stage saw an array of different skills and talents, some of which were usual like singing and dancing, while others included magic, action stunts and acrobatics.

One contestant in particular really made me laugh ... the Moroccan poet!

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Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih Pleads No Contest in DUI Case

Rima Fakih

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih pleaded no contest to driving while visibly impaired before Judge Brigette Officer of the 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan when she appeared in court yesterday. Although a no contest plea is not an admission of guilt it is treated as such for sentencing purposes.

Miss Fakih will be sentenced on May 9; she is facing up to 93 days in jail! However, her lawyer W. Otis Culpepper foresees that the former Miss USA will be sentenced to probation which she could accomplish in California where she is pursuing a career in entertainment. Talk about shooting two birds with one stone.

The former Miss USA, who’s the first Arab American to get the title, was ordered to stand trial yesterday on the original charges of drunken driving, careless driving and open intoxicants. She and her attorney struck a plea deal with the court which reduced drunken driving to driving while visibly impaired while the other two charges were dismissed.

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Diana Karazon is Free, So Leave Her Be!

Diana Karazon

Diana Karazon has come a long way since winning the title of Future Super Star in its first season.
She's become famous, uber busy and skinny!
The ironic thing is, when Diana was chubby (and I mean that in the cutest way) she was criticized and was called names ... now that she's lost around half of her weight and is thin, she's also being criticized and called names! What's the deal with that?!

Diana has an amazing voice, she was cute when she was chubby and she still is ... but why do people make a target of her and why don't they leave her alone? Is that the price of being famous?

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 1st Episode

Judges - Arabs Got Talent 2

Have you watched the 1st episode of Arabs Got Talent 2 on MBC on Friday?
The judging panel this year contains Saudi actor and comedian Naser Al Gasabi, who makes a better judge than Amr Adib (who was the third judge last year) ... at least that's what I personally think.
Najwa Karam is looking as stunning as ever and allow me to add that Ali is too!

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