Yahia Yaqoub Leaves Arab Idol

Yahia Yaqoub

Egyptian contestant Yahia Yaqoub was the first contestant to be voted off Arab Idol last night.
Yaqoub was in the circle of danger with the two Tunisian contestants Ghofran Fatouhi and Shireen Elajmi, but was the one to be booted off the show with the least number of votes.

The results show was a short one, but full of events.
The guest of the night was Tunisian star Saber Al Robai.

What do you think? Should have the jury given Yaqoub the "save card" and brought him back to the game? Or does he deserve to be out of the competition?

Arab Idol Prime 1

Arab Idol Contestant

Anabella Hilal and Abdallah al-Tlihi will be the shows presenters. Anabella was sugary sweet in her speech but well spoken. She welcomed the audience and asked the Egyptian judge, Hasan Shafei, to be more lenient with the singers - who is notorious for being harsh. Anabella did appear to be a little nervous - but she was certainly genuine. All contestants looked classy and put together.

The first contestant to go on stage was the young Tunisian, Hasan Kharbech. "Tunisia is a country that is small in size and population, but very big in history and character," he said in his introduction. Looking sharp and incredibly well put together (but a bit of overdose on the gel on his hair), Hasan chose a George Wassouf song as his opener - which might have been a mistake. He didn't really keep his composure in the song, and his voice was lost in the performance. He sounded like he was performing in a wedding down the street. The judges all had sweet words to say - however the only one who said it like it is was the Egyptian Hasan Shafei. He was the only one who gave a true criticism. Next came Yahya Yacoub from Egypt. Looking a bit scared or shy, he unfortunately sang completely out of range. While singing a Wael Jassar song, he was out of breath and you could tell he was very nervous. He is a sincere sweetheart though. Dressed all in black, however, he didn't look like he was ready for an Arab Idol prime.. Again the Egyptian gives criticism straight up - the song was out of his range and his low notes were not apt.

Mohammed Alwan from Iraq was next. He sang a Abdel Halim Hafez song, was was all smiles. After his performance, it was confirmed that Ahlem (one of the judges) will almost never give any constructive feedback, "That was very nice." I will admit though - in that suit and with the pink tie, Alwan really did look sharp. Ghofran Ftouhi, the Tunisian who came next, switched it up by starting her song with the audience. She stood in "their ranks" and actually sung beautifully in her range. She is young though and admittedly, a bit awkward. She is incredibly spontaneous! What an adorable contestant.

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Miriam Fares ... Lebanon's Shakira?

el gasayed

No one can deny that Miriam Fares has her own style, which sometimes may be over the top!
Her latest music video of her song "El Gasayed" or Poems, is strange and interesting. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV screen and I was curious to see what she'll be doing next!
The mummy-like status she's in in the beginning of the clip is very bizarre, but it immediately catches the attention of the viewer. It could be something out of a Lady Gaga clip! Don't you think so too?

el gasayed

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Starbucks Expands with Wine and Beer Offering!

Starbucks Wine and Beer

Pretty soon, coffee won’t be the only thing you’ll find in Starbucks stores! The renowned coffee shop is branching out to wine and beer! Can I hear a resounding “hurray” somewhere?

Aside from getting the pick-me-up caffeine to get you going through the day, a handful of Starbucks branches will be offering happy hour and a way for you folks to unwind by offering beer and wine. They will offer “premium food offerings” as well.

This will first be implemented in selected Southern California locations. And by the end of this year, some stores in Atlanta and Chicago will also be offering the same.

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Who is Malak El Nasser?!

Photos Malak El Nasser Video Clip

Have you heard of a singer called Malak El Nasser?
I, for one, haven't heard of her until a couple of days ago when I came across her new video clip of her song "El Hawa Tayyar Fustani" on Melody TV.
What caught my attention is that the woman can't sing! Not only that, but the lyrics of the song are silly! And to top it all off, she tries to be seductive and ends up being plain unappealing!

I just Googled her name, to find out that she's Jordanian and is mentioned in the Wikipedia page "Music of Jordan"! According to who ever wrote the info, "The controversial female singer, Malak El Nasser, known for her extremely seductive video clips is another popular Jordanian singer."

But the thing is, I am Jordanian, and I've never heard of her before!

Have you ever heard of Malak? If not you can watch her video clip here:
Video of El Hawa Tayyar Fustani

What do you think of her?
Does she pass as controversial?

Golshifteh Farahani Banned from Her Homeland Iran!

Golshifteh Farahani

Nudity has never been a huge issue in western countries, but try that in the Middle East and see what you get! Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani definitely got the unexpected after posing nude for the French magazine Madame Le Figaro. Iranian Government banned her from returning to her home country!

The half body black and white shows Farahani topless, maintaining modesty with her hands over her breasts!

Needless to say, a photo like this will always cause controversy in a very conservative region as the Middle East. Some people admire Farahani for being brave enough to go against the taboo in Muslim countries while others condemn her for it. Iranian Government’s so angered that they banned her from coming home.

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Tunisian Model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem is the New Face of Lancome

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem Face of Lancome

For the first time ever a Muslim woman, Tunisian model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, will be the Ambassadress of Lancome.

At 22, she has graced the French, Italian and German Vogue magazines and has walked the runways for Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Hailing from Nabeul, located at 100km from Tunis, she joined and won second prize on the Lebanese counterpart of the reality show Project Runway, Mission Fashion and went on to sign with modeling agency IMG and since then has been unstoppable.

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem Photos

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem Photos

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Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler is Miss America 2012!

Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler

A new Miss America has been crowned! The new title holder is 23-year-old Laura Kaeppeler who hails from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Miss Kaeppeler was the chosen one at the event held on Saturday, January 14 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Miss Kaeppeler edged out 52 other contestants for the title!

Miss Kaeppeler showed off her superb opera singing talent and great body during the competition. She also donned a black beaded gown during the evening gown competition that enhanced her beauty. But aside from these things, the part that swayed the judges in her favor was her response during the question and answer portion.

Photos of Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler

Photos Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

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Karim Kamel Does "Gai Lmeen"

Karim Kamel

Star Academy 8 graduate Karim Kamel has gone back to Hollywood since exiting the academy and has worked on a few projects.
His debut song and accompanying video clip is "Gai Lmeen", which was shot in Los Angeles.
The song is OK, but the tune seems very familiar and there's nothing original in it.
The video clip is simple and shows Karim driving down the streets of LA with his girl and dancing around on a beach.

Karim Kamel Video Clip Model

I actually think the girl in the clip looks more genuine than he does! Sorry Kiko! But you look kinda' fake! Try to be yourself next time and don't act ... the clip will be more true to you then.

Have you seen "Gai Lmeen" by Karim Kamel? (You can watch here: Karim Kamel Gai Lmeen Video Clip)
What do you think?

Haaya is Shway Sexy!


Have you heard of Lebanese singer Haaya?
She jumped into the spotlights around a year ago with her debut song "Kteer Heik" and now has a new song that's causing some controversy on the music scene, which is entitled "Shway Sexy", meaning A Little Sexy.

According to Haaya, "Shway Sexy" is a meaningful song about the young girls of today who should have the right to go out clubbing at night with their girlfriends and not have to put up with harassment from guys, who seem to think they're easy to get just because they're out partying at night.

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