Ramadan 2011 Mubarak!

Ramadan 2011

Another year, another Ramadan ... but this year it's a tad bit different.
This year our brothers and sisters in many Arab countries are suffering and won't be enjoying the Holy month of Ramadan as they might have in past years; Syria, Yemen and Libya. We add these three countries to a long list that starts with Palestine and ends with Somalia.

These difficult circumstances that are passing over the Arab world, should make us more aware of the importance of a month like Ramadan; keeping the unfortunate in our prayers, remembering to help each other, controlling our anger and staying away from violence and finally enjoying every minute with our loved ones and thanking God for every little blessing, for everything is a blessing but few realize it. Just think of the children suffering from malnutrition and famine in Somalia today ... and think, isn't that bowl of olives and piece of bread on your kitchen table a blessing?

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Karim Abdel Aziz Ties the Knot

Karim Abdel Aziz and Anne Wedding

In a huge celebration in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza hotel in Cairo, the son of actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Karim, got married to Anne, the daughter of a famous Egyptian businessman, Majdy Reffai.

In the wedding ceremony most of the invitees were from the Egyptian celebrity scene, like Ahmad Sakaa, Fifi Abdou, Hala Sarhan, Ihab Tawfik, Ahmad Bider, Samir Sabry, Mirvat Amin, Dalal Abdel Aziz and husband Samir Ghanem...

Photos after then jump

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Haifa Wehbe Pregnant with Twins?

Haifa Wehbe Pregnant

Are the rumors true? Is Haifa Wehbe pregnant and expecting twins!?
It seems to be true, but nothing official has been confirmed by the diva herself.
It seems Haifa traveled to The US to get artificial insemination, a step that many stars and celebrities have taken before, for example Syrian singer Asala, who recently delivered twins.

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Beware of Suzan Mubarak ... Just a Rumor?

Suzan Mubarak

Does Suzan Mubarak have a bad surprise up her sleeve or is she just bluffing?
People have started speculating about the reasons behind the delay in Mubarak's trial, and how fast does gossip grow in the Arab world!

Rumor has it that Suzan has gotten her hands on tapes of some Arab leaders in unethical situations and that she's going to use them against those leaders if they don't provide Mubarak with protection and thus Mubarak and his sons go to trial ...

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Ramadan 2011 TV Series - Part 3

Goz Mama Min

- Goz Mama Min? P.2 Hala Sedki returns this Ramadan in the second season of the Egyptian comedy Goz Mama Min, where Hala is still searching for a husband that is fit for her and for her son Waleed. Will she find the right man and finally settle down? To find out, keep up with the series on LBC.

- Telka Alayla, a new drama staring Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy , Dalia Mustafa and Ezzat Abu Of. The plot focuses on one part of the community that suffers from crime, theft and poverty. The series starts when the wealthy business man played by Hussein Fahmy, returns from France after years of being away from his country. On his return he gets to know more about his neighbor, a young journalist played by Dalia Mustafa. On her new job, she accidentally comes across a piece of old newspaper reporting a crime; a groom getting killed on the night of his wedding and the bride is none other than her late mother. As for the suspect accused of her father’s death, her new neighbor Hussein Fahmy and her boss and a minister. The journalist reveals a lot of other secrets and reopens the murder case to find the real killer.

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The Egyptian Indiana Jones Gets Sacked!

Zahi Hawass

Have you heard? Egypt's first minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass was fired after a long journey of fame accompanied by many Indiana Jones hats! The decision made Egyptians very happy to finally get rid of yet another dictator! Bye Hawass!

The question is why would such a famous man like Hawass, who has worked since forever with National Geographic and who has worked all these years in uncovering the hidden treasures of The Pharaohs, get fired in such a humiliating way?

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Spearheads Revolutionary Toilet Invention

Bill and Melinda

The invention of the flush toilet has helped the world a lot in terms of economic growth and health. But now, that isn’t enough it seems because there are still about 1 billion people who defecate in the open! And 40 percent of people don’t have access to sanitary toilets. This is according to the World Health Organization. Bill Gates is aware of this and wants to change it through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Their Foundation is giving grants amounting to $42 million to eight universities for them to develop a new kind of toiler that doesn’t need sewer connection, water, or electricity to operate. IT is hoped that the new system will improve people’s health and their way of lives.

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Haifa Wehbe, A Gypsy?

Haifa Wehbe Gypsy Role

Haifa seems to be all for new experiences!
Haifa is working on her first TV series entitled "Moled w Sahbo Ghayeb" (مولد وصاحبه غايب), which is about the Gypsies of Egypt.

Along with Haifa, Safia Al Omari, Ezzat Abu Of, Hassan Housni, Ahmad Adaweya, Edward and others star in what seems to be an all-star series.

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Yawmiyat Modeer Aam 2 (With Photos)

Ayman Zaydan in Yawmiyat Modeer Aam 2

After 14 years, a new season of the successful Syrian TV Series Yawmiyat Modeer Aam (يوميات مدير عام) will see the light during this Ramadan, starring as with the first season, famous Syrian actor Ayman Zaydan.

The first part was about a doctor that have been hired to run a corrupted public institution and in order to get to know how his employees actually perform their jobs, he disguised himself daily into a different character ...

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Arab Idol on MBC

Arab Idol

I'm sure many of you are fascinated after seeing the promotion of the Arabic edition of the famous talent show American Idol on MBC. It seems after the show failed on Lebanese channel Future TV, MBC bought the right to broadcast the show and changed its name from Superstar to Arab Idol, I believe this name make more sense and it's even more attractive.

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Farewell Fahman

Mahmoud Mabsout

As one of many Lebanese, we grew up with the comedy of Abu Salim and Fahman and their funny adventures. For years they were broadcasted on Tele Liban and when it was time for their show we used to rush to watch them; I also remember the excitement I had when our school decided to take us on a trip to watch one of their theater work live in the south of Lebanon.

Today I bring you this sad news, Actor Mahmoud Mabsout passed away while he was on tour with Abu Selim band in the South of Lebanon. He died of a heart attack on stage.

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Ramadan 2011 TV Series - Part 2

We promised to keep you updated with the latest reviews about the TV series that will entertain us this Ramadan; here is Part 2 of the list:

Al Kebeer Awy 2

- Al Kebeer Awy 2. Who doesn't love Ahmad Makki?!
This is the second part of the series where Makki played two characters, the mayor and his American brother. The twins are worlds apart in everything and we see the funny incidents they go through as they try to live together in the village!

Kayd Al Nesa

- Kayd Al Nesa. A new Egyptian series staring Fifi Abdo and Soumaya Al Khashab.
A new controversial drama with many lawsuits after it aiming at stopping the series from been broadcast during Ramadan because of inappropriate scenes and insinuations that are not fit for the holy month. In my opinion if a series is not fit for the month of Ramadan then it is not fit for any other month! Anyway the plot talks about a man that is married to two women and each wife tries her best to gain the love of her husband.

Al Zenati Mojahed

- Al Zenati Mojahed, staring actor Sameh Hussein. A comedy that talks about the problems that faced Egyptians before the revolution. The plot talks about Mojahed, who wants to get married but finds out that he doesn't have a birth certificate!
The series also discusses unemployment, theft and many others issues troubling society.

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Maya Diab Teams Up with Ramy Ayach

Maya Diab and Ramy Ayach

It looks like things are working out pretty well for the diva Maya Diab!
Even though she has been in the music industry for some time, she just started shinning. Her daring style paired with her gorgeous looks, Maya makes the perfect idol for any woman.

Only recently Maya ended the first season of the variety show "Heik Menghany" and simultaneously her duet with the star Ramy Ayach "Neb2a Sawa" has started airing all over radio waves and TV screens.

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Adel Imam Goes to Court!

Adel Imam

TV enthusiasts were excited about the new TV series “Firkat Naji Attallah” staring Adel Imam which was set to air this Ramadan. Few channels started airing promos for the series until it was announced that the series won’t be ready for TV until after the holy month.

One of the channels that the production company had obligations to, and was suppose to be present with the full series got furious over the holdup and decided to file a lawsuit against both the production company and Imam! Ouch!

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