Don't Involve Children in Politics!

Sulaf Wael Hamza

How would you describe the use of a little boy as a tool to support a president or head of state? Pathetic and shameful ... I could conjure up a whole lot of other words too!

Imagine that Syrian actors Sulaf Fawakherji and Wael Ramadan have made their son perform a song that supports Syrian president Bashar Al Assad!

No matter what we all think of the Syrian regime, and no matter to whom the actors loyalty goes to, it's no excuse to get children involved.
Hamza and a bunch of other kids, recorded a song called "Wladek Ya Suria" that shows how the children are in support of the current regime.

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Hani Shaker to Retire?

Hani Shaker

After the tragic death of his daughter, rumor has it that Egyptian singer Hani Shaker may decide to retire.
The celebrity circle in Cairo has it that Shaker may decide to retreat from the spotlights and only participate in Religious singing from time to time.
Shaker was very close to his late daughter, Dina. She has left this world and left behind two daughters, twins Malak and Malika.

What do you think? Could this be true?

Guess Who 84

Guess Who 84

A young Lebanese singes, got criticized for her Tattoos ... she has a special dance!
Could you guess who this is?

Miss California is Crowned 2011 Miss USA!


Sunday night was judgment time for the bevy of beauties that vied for the 2011 Miss USA title. But as always, only one emerged as winner and that is Miss California Alyssa Campanella! She beat other 50 contestants in the 60th Miss USA competition in the Theatre for the Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss California Alyssa Campanella was left on the stage with Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham. The two held hands as they waited for the winner to be announced. You can really see Miss California’s surprise when she was called as the 2011 Miss USA.

Photos of Miss USA 2011

Photos Miss California Alyssa Campanella

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Hani Shaker's Daughter Dina Passes Away

Hani Shaker and daughter Dina

After struggling with cancer for a couple of years, Hani Shaker's daughter Dina, passed away this morning.
Dina has been fighting it out with Stomach cancer for a while now, and was thought to have been cured back in March 2010.
Hani Shaker has always been by his daughter's side, both in sickness and in health, so this tragedy comes as a huge shock to him and the rest of the family.
Her body was buried today and many stars and celebrities were there attending the ceremony and supporting their friend in this time of need.

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Guess Who 83

Guess Who 83

A Turkish young actress, some fell in love with her, others hated her ... could you guess who this is?

Answer after the jump

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It's About Time Saudi Women Drove Cars!

a Saudi woman driving her car

How big a deal is it, that women in Saudi Arabia want to drive their own cars?!
Well, it may seems a normal matter all over the world, but it is a VERY big deal in Saudi Arabia!

What a shame it is to treat women as second class citizens! A woman has just as much right as a man to drive herself to the university or the bank or the market!
Is it still logical that in this day and age, the matter of a woman driving a car is made into such a big deal and that women as arrested for it?! What an outrage!
Instead of working hard on advancing technologically or environmentally, the issue of a woman behind the steering wheel is preoccupying decision makers' minds! What a shame!

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Arabs Got Talent 2 Casting Dates

Arabs Got Talent 2

After a successful 1st season of Arabs Got Talent, the second season is underway with casting dates around the Arab world! the judges are looking for that hidden talent to bring out into the light, so if you think you have what it takes, check out these casting dates and keep them in mind!

The casting starts in Dubai on the 12 of June and ends in Lebanon on the 17 of July.
Casting dates after the jump ...

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Nadine Njeim Hot & Heavy in Sorry Mom

Nadine Njeim in Sorry Mom

Former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim has been climbing the ladder in an acting career she started a couple of years ago.
She started with Rijal Al Hasm and then Matloub Rijal and now she's going to venture in the world of cinema in the new Lebanese movie "Sorry Mom".
The movie, which is a Thriller, is about a wife and mother, who struggles after the kidnapping of her only son and the murder of her husband.
You can imagine the vicious circle she gets into when seeking revenge!
Nadine takes on a bold role and courageously does a few controversial scenes and some hot and heavy kissing!

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Cyrine Abdel Nour Welcomes Baby Girl

Cyrine Abdel Nour

Lebanese singer has given birth to a little baby girl she named "Talia".
The little bundle of joy comes after 4 years of marriage to Lebanese business man Farid Rahmeh.

Congratulations to Cyrine and many wishes for a life of happiness and health for little Talia.

Man Burns 3-month-old Baby with Hot Light Bulb!

Algerian Baby

Sometimes human beings are so cruel and ruthless that they do things not even animals with their wild nature would do!
Would you imagine a father burning his 3-month-old baby boy with a hot light bulb?!
Well, believe it or not, this happened in Algeria, when a 45-year-old man could tolerate the crying of his infant, so the only thing he could think of was burning him with a 200w light bulb, causing him serious burns that resulted in even more crying! What an idiot!

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