A Marriage of Convenience?

sheikh naser wedding

In Medieval times, kings and queens arranged marriages for their sons and daughters that would strengthen political relations and would make a somewhat sacred bound between countries ... could this still be happening?
This week, the son of the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Naser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, married the daughter of the Governor of Dubai, Sheikha Sheikha Bint Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Wishing them a lifetime of joy and happiness.

But dare I ask ... Is this a marriage of convenience?

Blockbuster Movies in Arabic on MBC

braveheart on MBC MAX

You must have gotten word that MBC is going to start broadcasting blockbuster movies dubbed into Arabic on both MBC1 and MBC MAX.
Movies like Braveheart, Lord of The Rings and Troy will be available for the Arab audience in their own language, Arabic and only Arabic.
What do you think of this move by MBC? Is it positive or negative?

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Safaa Sultan from Actress to Singer!

safaa sultan

Have you watched 'Ana Albi Dalili' during Ramadan? It's the series that told the life story of Egyptian singer Laila Murad.
How did you find the performance of the actress who played Laila Murad?
The actress is called Safaa Sultan and she's a 29-year-old Syrian actress.

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Joe Ashkar, Hypnotized by European Beauty!

joe ashkar dakhl el ghunouj

Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar has always tried to be different and kinda naughty in his music videos ... don't tell me you haven't noticed!
His new music video, to his song 'dakhl el ghunouj', -which by the way is really hard for me to translate, so if by any chance you know what it means, let me know!- has some bootylicious babes from Europe and they've got him hypnotized!

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Nancy Ajram Back to Work

Nancy Ajram Back to Work

nancy ajram busy bee

Nancy Ajram is a busy bee these days!
Last night she held a smashing concert with Kathem Al Saher on the Northern Coast in Egypt.
Nancy also finished recording two new songs for her upcoming album!
Nancy chose two songs composed by Egyptian composer Mohammad Nadi; one entitled 'Lissa Gaya Auluku' I'm coming to tell you and one entitled 'Eh Elli Garali?' What happened to me?.

I wonder how Nancy's new album will be like?
What do you think? Does she still has what it takes? Does she still have that special something that made her famous?

Functional Cello Made from LEGO Blocks! Amazing!

LEGO Cello

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya strikes again! A cello made from lego blocks! Who knew that this puzzle material can be used to make a cello that can actually be played? Well, this guy thought so! He conceptualized and finally made it into reality. Iím really amazed at how he managed to create this musical instrument out of the lego blocks. And youíll really see that every piece is in the right place. He started with the end pin, going up the body, until finally he formed the pegs and the scroll. And the very last things to be installed were the strings.

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Thirty Secrets Revealed in Il Maestro

For the past month each guest in Il Meastro had to leave a confession at the end of the show. But the audience were left puzzled. The audio of the confession was cut off and a song was played. The confessions were to be revealed in the finale of Il Meastro.

Indeed, 30 secrets have been revealed in the final episode of the show and here are the first three:

She confessed that shes weak against food, and can't control her eating.

Jokingly confessed that she steals money from her husband.

Confesses that she feels shes very bold with her opinions, and doesn't have anything to confess because she doesn't have any secrets.

The rest after the jump ...

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Eid Mubarak 2009 Everybody!

eid mubarak

Ramadan has gone on its way and we'll have to wait another year to rejoice with its presence again ... but the Eid is here and it's a great occasion to celebrate and be joyous!
The Eid is an opportunity to enjoy a family gathering and connect to people one hasn't seen in a while.
The Eid is an opportunity to help others and make little kids happy, with a little extra pocket money, sweets or a new toy.

Eid Mubarak everyone ... Enjoy it and savor each happy moment you spend with your loved ones.

Bab El Hara vs. El Sham El Adieh

Now that Ramadan is over and you've been watching Bab El Hara and El Sham El Adieh ... which do you think is the best, the strongest and most interesting?

- Bab El Hara 4
- El Sham El Adieh

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Let us know why ... and if you favor El Sham El Adieh, don't say because Samer Al Masri is in it! ;)-

Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 29: Will Um Joseph Survive?

Bab El Hara 4 Episode 29

What was the most interesting or shocking thing that happened tonight in Haret Al Dabea?
I thought it wasn't a surprise at all that the mysterious man hiding in Um Joseph's house is Abu Ahmad! Poor guy, may he rest in peace.

As for the unexpected event; the shooting of Um Joseph by the French, that was shocking!
Will she survive that rain of bullets? I hope so, but I doubt it!

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