Abu Antar Passes Away

Naji Jaber known Abu Antar

Syrian actor Naji Jaber, best known as Abu Antar, passed away today after a long fight with illness at the age of 69.
He will be missed, but will always be in our heart with his huge archive of TV series.

2009 Earth Hour: Another Huge Success!

What global event transpired last Saturday night? Are you even aware that there was a significant global event that was supposed to take place from 8:30 to 9:30? Shame on you if you didn’t know it was Earth Hour! But even if you didn’t know and you didn’t participate, the said even was still a huge success according to environmental activists. The participation of over 88 countries in the world was greatly felt as time zone by time zone, the lights dimmed from 8:30-9:30. Over 4,000 cities and towns turned off their lights for a full hour to help raise awareness about the threat of climate change, particularly global warming.

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Wael Kfouri Disowns Rotana!

Wael Kfouri

Whilst artists all over the Arab world are dying to get signed with Rotana, the biggest music company in the Middle East, Wael Kfouri has announced his decision not to renew his contract with them. You all may remember the song ‘Law Hobna Ghalta’ which was received with immense popularity after Wael performed it at the Star Academy Prime 5 last week. Well it seems that this song was in fact produced by Wael himself, and marks the end of his reign as one of Rotana’s star.

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Peace at Last in the Wehbe Household!

haifa and rola wahbe

Courtrooms have been very much involved when it comes to the feud between Haifa Wehbe and her sister Rola! Haifa sued her sister for slander and Rola sued Haifa for beating her. Accusations of neglect and supporting rivals were flung around, and no one knew where the truth was. Rola was even friends with Haifa’s arch nemesis Roula Saad and said that Haifa wanted to get in the way of her career as a TV presenter! Well finally, and after 5 ugly years, Rola and Haifa have made nice!

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Asala on the Attack!

asala nasri

She got a new nose, and with it –apparently- came a new sassy attitude! Asala recently appeared on a show where she seemed like she was just on the attack, dicing Amr Diab and Nancy Ajram! Asala plainly accused Nancy of buying her ‘Music Award’ because she claims that if the likes of Kathem El Saher didn’t get it then there must be foul play! Funny thing is we, all know that Asala had her eyes on that ‘Music Award’ so could professional jealousy have anything to do with this accusation?!

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Participate in Earth Hour Tonight!

earth hour

You may think turning your lights off for one hour doesn't mean much, but it actually means a lot more than you think!
Tonight is Earth Hour. All you have to do is turn all your lights off for 60 minutes at 8.30 pm your local time. Simple!

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Michael Sarver Gets The Boot!

After an unforgettable night of Motown songs and memories, with Smokey Robinson as the idols' mentor, it was time for one of the contestants to pack and leave.
The contestants tried their best to impress with their performances and their make-overs!

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To die for Pascale!

Pascal Mechaalani

Well that is what one zealous admirer of Pascale Mechaalani declared he will do unless Pascale agrees to his proposal of marriage. Mr Adel Mahfouz who is actually a lawyer of Egyptian descent has announced rather dramatically that if Pascale does not visit him personally and accepts his proposal, he will starve himself until he dies; His wish is to die on Pascale's birthday so that she will remember him forever!

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Dominique Converts?!

Dominique Horani

After the news of Dolly Shahine converting to Islam in order to escape her marriage to a Christian husband who refused to grant her a divorce, another rumour of a Lebanese singer converting to Islam is spread.

Dominique Horani was said to be flying to Iran soon where she is to convert to her husband's religion; Dominque married her current husband of Iranian origins a year ago in a civil ceremony, afterwards the couple were blessed with a lovely daughter.

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Nawal, Rashed and Nabil Shine!

Photo Nawal, Rashed and Nabil

Nawal ElZoghby along with Nabil Shoail and Rahed ElMajed were supposed to hold the third concert of Layali Febrayer in Kuwait, however due to an unfortunate illness that had befallen Rashed, the concert was postponed.

Fortunately to all fans of these singers, the concert took place at the last night of the festival; The concert was said to have been the most packed, with even the stairs being used by fans.

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