Happy Halloween 2008

halloween 2008

Happy Halloween 2008 y'all! Trick or Treat!
It's that time of the year, when we can slip into characters we can only be for one day!
Whether you bring out your dark, psycho side and become a serial killer or a flesh eating zombie, or you bring out your pink and fluffy side and become a bunny rabbit ...you'll be someone else for the night!

Will you be going to a Halloween party tonight? Who/What will you be?

Photos from Mirhan's Birthday Party

Nader gift to Mirhan

Three days ago, Egyptian LBC Star Academy 5 graduate Mirhan Hussein celebrated her 26th birthday... Our friend Basala just sent us some photos from Mirhan's birthday party, you can find Tunisian Amal Mahalawi and Nader Quirat in the photos as well as Ahmad aka Anis from Egypt and you can also see Mirhan's parents too.

Photos of Mirhan Birthday Party in Egypt
[14 Photos are available]

It seems someone got Mirhan an expensive gift but only got a pinch on his chin in return ... you know, instead of a kiss :P lol!

Have You Heard the Jordanian Version of 'Rockstar'?

I just got an e-mail from a friend with an MP3 attachment ... she tells me that it's a contagious song.
The song is entitled 'Suberstar' and it's the Jordanian version of Nickleback's hit 'Rockstar'.
If you're Jordanian you'll really dig the song, but if you're not you'll surely enjoy it just the same because it's just plain funny! (that's if you speak Arabic of course) Listen to 'Suberstar'.
The guys who came up with this cool idea are two Jordanian dudes called Humam Ammari and Nadim Masri.

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Hizi Ya Nawaem 2 - Prime 3

The third prime of Hizi Ya Nawaem is the first in which all 10 contestants perform.
The night kicked off with a group performance from the girls and then guest star Carole Saqr entertained the audience and the panel of judges with the first song if the night 'Sahhart 3youni'.
The judges always make sure not to be softies when it comes to giving marks and remarks about the performances of the girls.

As a summary, this is what the judges had to say about the girls:
Maya, Makali and Sara are good.
Mona and Eleanor are precise.
Nora and Alexandra aren't really what bellydancers should be!
Maha needs more practice.
Mariana has excellent leg moves.
Lizi is the best so far!

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Shahrazad Picks Zaatar in Anabta

Shahrazad Picks Zaatar in Anabta Book cover

Palestinian author Anwar Hamed's latest book 'Shahrazad Picks Zaatar in Anabta' isn't a story of your average Jane, but a story of the survival of many anti-heroes reflected in the struggle of 'Shahrazad'.
The novel is originally written in Hungarian! Don't be astonished, for Hamed chose to write in this foreign language to give the story a different taste through Hungarian terms and Hungarian metaphors.
Hamed wrote this novel back in 2004 but translated it into Arabic himself just recently, bringing it back from the West to its more familiar place; home in the fields of TulKarem.
The translation of this novel isn't merely transforming it into Arabic, but a recreation of the whole story and rebirth of the character.

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Abu Issam Returning in Bab el Hara 4?

Abu Issam

Don't be shocked! But rumor has that Abu Issam, who was presumed dead in Bab el Hara 3, will be making a return in the 4th installment of the popular Syrian series.
How could this unreasonable twist be weaved into the plot?
Well, writer Marwan Qaouq has revealed that the solution is clarifying that Abu Issam wasn't killed in the last season, but he was actually kidnapped! It could be a believable solution because, as you may remember, there was no body to bury!
The return on Abbas Nouri to the series is supposed to lift up the ratings of the series and make it as big of a success as the first and second seasons were.

Do you think that the return of Abu Issam will give Bab el Hara the push it needs to top the charts of next year's Ramadan series?

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Sarah Palin: Former Beauty Queen and More!

Sarah Palin and John McCain

We don't do politics as most of our readers know, our most blogged posts are about celebrities, but today and unlike the usual, our featured photo gallery is of Sarah Palin, an American celebrity who won Miss Wasilla Pageant, finished third in Miss Alaska pageant, was also a sports reporter and recently spent a whopping $32,800 on hairdressers and makeup artists and finally and most importantly, guess what? She may become a very powerful political figure since John McCain chose her as his vice president!

Photos of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin photos

God help us and help the average American citizen who is currently suffering just like any other below average citizen in the third world!

I'm happy to see the latest polls regarding who will the next president of the United States be, they all point to Obama as a winner, which he may be unless another play with the votes takes place like what happened 8 years ago with Al Gore and in front of the whole world.

If John McCain wins, I just wish his administration would stop criticizing our countries, we are proud to have what we have and want to keep things as they are! Ya! We don't want any interference! Fix your own problems, then come talk to us!

Finally, a message to our friends in the US: Don't disappoint the world for the third time.
Choose the man that will make things better and not continue with the destructive policies of Bush!