Gumus or Noor Actors

Ekrem Bora: You know him better as the head of the Shadoglu family, Fekri Bek. His full name is Ekram Shefik Ucak and he was born back in the year 1932!
He's a well known actor in Turkey and Gumus was the last thing he worked on. No, he didn't pass away, but it seems he's retired!

Photos of Ekrem Bora (Fekri)

Photos of Ekrem Bora

Faik Ergin: He's the second guy who played the character of Fajr or as he's originally named in the series 'Berk'.
Faik was born in Iskandarun in 1978.
Surprisingly enough, he studied engineering and isn't a graduate of any acting school!
Faik has also won the title of Best Male Model Turkey 2000!

Photos of Faik Ergin (Fajr)

Faik Ergin or fajr photos

Erdal Cindoruk: This guy has played one of the most obnoxious characters in Gumus ... Kenan! Erdal is also a well known actor in Turkey and he's worked on a lot of TV series in the past three years.

Photos of Erdal Cindoruk (Kenan)

Erdal Cindoruk Photos

- Füsun Erbulak (Hiba)
- Serdar Orcin (Anwar)
- Gungor Bayrak (Sharifeh)
- Songül Öden (Noor)

Sitcoms Take Over Ramadan!

Tamer W Shawkya

Ramadan is a day away and with tomorrow we'll get to know what series we'll be watching for the rest of the month! We already know that there are many series that have serious substance and that deal with social issues, but there are a few funny sitcoms to lighten up the small screen!
After the success of shows such as ‘Tamer W Shawkya’ two Ramadans in a row, it seems presenting the viewers with more sitcoms is not a bad thing at all! We all need a good laugh!

This Ramadan you can expect the return of ‘Tamer W Shawkeya’ and ‘Ragel W Set Setat’ but also a whole lot of new sitcoms.

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Asala’s New Album on Eid Al Fitr 2008

Asala with Tarek Al Aryan

With big stars like Asala it is not necessary to release an album in the peak season that is the Summer! So she took her time and has just finished recording all the songs for her new album with Rotana and she is getting prepared to release it during Eid! The name of the album has not been decided yet and we know very little about it other than that she worked with Khaled Ez on two songs called ‘Etfarag Ala Nafsak’ and ‘Kan Wahm’

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Sira3 3ala Rimal, A $7 Million Ramadan Production!

sira3 3ala rimal

If you're wondering what the biggest TV production in the history of Arab series is, I've got that answer for you!
Under the patronage -if i may say that- of Mohammad Ben Rashed Al Maktoum, the Bedouin series 'Sira3 3ala Rimal' or Struggle on Sand, is the record breaking TV series this Ramadan with a whopping budget of $7 million!
The story, which is the vision of Mohammad Ben Rashed, will be airing exclusively on Dubai TV this Ramadan and is directed by Syrian director Hatem Ali!
Around 40 big names from the business are participating in this series; Muna Wasef, Tayem Hasan, Saba Mubarak and Mohammad Muftah are only some of those names.

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Noor Ending, Did You Like It?

Noor finale

Did you like the ending of the very famous Turkish TV Series Noor which millions of people around the Arab world have tuned in to tonight.

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Ahmed Maki Free From Daboor!

Ahmed Maki

The character of ‘H Daboor’ played by Ahmed Maki is one that we have all known and loved ever since he appeared on shows such as ‘Tamer W Shawkeya’. But for an actors career to prosper he needs to experiment with different roles and characters otherwise he gets stuck in what many call the ‘Lemby-rut’. This refers to Mohammed Saad’s character ‘El Lemby’ which everyone cannot see him out of, and so his career has pretty much come to an end.

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