Guess Who -17-

Guess Who 17

This lovely little girl grew up to be a famous actress in the land of Pharaohs!

This week's guess who photo is also suggested by Mary
Thanks Mary :)

Update: Most of you got it right, she is Egyptian actress Mona Zaki

Guess Who 16 Answer

A New Era For Lebanon or Just The Calm Before The Storm?

For the past few days, celebrations are ongoing in Lebanon, people are glad to see an end to the political stalemate which had crippled the economy and drove many of the youngest and brightest minds out of the country to seek better prospects abroad has been broken. The country has a president, stocks are soaring, and Down Town Beirut is finally free of what many called 'Tent City' occupied by anti-government protesters. All in all it promises to be a great summer for Lebanon this year in terms of tourism.

However many fear that this was just a mere band aid rather than a cure. Hopefully our leaders will deafen their ears to outside interferences as only the Lebanese blood was spilled on the streets last week. They should heed the fact that in a war, nothing is predictable, and no side will emerge a winner; As proven by the long civil war that ravaged Lebanon as well as the events that occurred in May.

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Saad, Massari and Joseph Beirut Concert

These are photos of Saad in Beirut concert with Massari and Joseph Attieh, the winner of Star Academy 3.

Saad Photos with Massari and Joseph

Photos from Saad, Massari and Joseph Beirut Concert

Thanks again to Rachel for these photos :)

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The Best of LBC Star Academy 5 Primes

It's been exactly a week since the final prime of Star Academy 5 and now it's time to go through the best moments of primes of the season.
No one can deny that the first prime was absolutely breathtaking!
How the entrance of the students was in a roman theme and they were all dressed as if soldiers from Julius Caesars legions! That was truly one of the rare moments that send shivers down my back!
Of course, the best Jeena performance was the first one, when all the students were present and the stage was full!

The season also started with the last season stars handing over the torch to the new students. That was very nice, when the graduates and the newcomers met on one stage.

One of the cutest tableau's this season was the singing marionettes!
Saad and Abdallah performed Abdel Halim's Dihk w Leab w Gad w Hob.

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$1 Million and an Island for Elissa!


Rumor has it that Lebanese singer Elissa got a very interesting marriage offer from a rich guy from the Gulf ... and she refused it!
It seems the guy, which is an acquaintance of hers, popped the question and offered Elissa a sum of $1 Million and an island in her name! Irresistible, no? Well, yes!
It seems Elissa is aware of the conservative nature of the guy and thus predicted that he'd want her to quit singing!
Elissa preferred freedom and her career to all that money!
What do you think? Is this just a rumor? Or was there such an offer?

Joseph Attieh and Fadi Andraous in Downtown Beirut

joseph and fadi

Star Academy 3 stars, Joseph Attieh and Fadi Andraous were part of the celebrations in downtown Beirut yesterday.
They held a concert and shared the spot light with two other Lebanese stars, Massari and Rami Ayach.
The finalists of Super Star 5 were also present and they also performed for the hundreds of people there.

If you were present at the concert yesterday, then please fill us in on the details and the atmosphere with the presence of such stars.
Was it as successful as predicted?

Jordanian Mostafa Mahmoud Climbs Everest

Jordanian Mostafa Mahmoud Salameh tried to climb Mount Everest twice and was deterred by health complications, but that didn't stop him from trying the third time.
Mostafa's third time proved to be the lucky charm! Last week, he completed his dream of being the first Jordanian to reach the top of Mount Everest and the second Arab to have scaled all seven of the world's highest mountains.
Mostafa reached the peak on May 25th, which is also Jordan's Independence Day, and held high the Jordanian flag as it fluttered in the Tibetan sky!

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Qwaider Man Concert at Abdoun

These are some exclusive photos from the concert that Mohammad Qwaider made yesterday in Abdoun circle for all his fans.

Photos from Qwaider Man Concert in Abdoun

Qwaider Man Concert in Abdoun

Special thanks to 'Soo Strange' for the photos :)

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