Star Academy 5 - Dailies 96

Mohammad was feeling really good as he sat between Mirhan and Diaa!
He feels the need to flirt! He starts with Diaa in the kitchen and might move on to Mirhan, where ever she is!
But Mirhan is sleepy and needs to get some shut eye. She's lying down in the sitting room and Nader is trying to make a meaningful conversation with her.

The only thing that gets Mirhan out of her sleepy state, is a huge bouquet of flowers -red carnations and pink roses- from Mostafa!
Saad and Abdallah also receive nice flowers arrangements.

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American Idol 2008 Open Neil Diamond Songbook

american idol top 5

Yesterday the final 5 contestants of American Idol 2008, picked songs from Neil Diamond's song book.
Every contestant had to sing two songs and would listen to the judges critics after both performances.
Jason Castro was the first to go. He sang ''Forever in Blue Jeans'' and then ''September Morn''.
David Cook was next and he chose to sing ''I'm Alive'' and ''All I Really Need Is You''.
Brooke White was third to perform. She did ''I'm a Believer'' and ''I Am...I Said''.
David Archuleta came up next and he sang ''Sweet Caroline'' and ''America''.
The last one to sing was Syesha Mercado. she sang ''Hello Again'' and ''Thank the Lord for the Night Time''.

One of the most interesting things to happen last night was when Paula Abdul has some memory loss or was seeing into the future and thought Jason Castro had already finished both his performances!
That's when Ryan Seacrest told her: "You’re seein’ the future baby, you’re seein’ the future!" Funny!

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Fox Movies Coming to a TV Screen Near You!

Fox Movies TV Channel

All of you who are glued to LBC every night watching the Star Academy dailies will have seen the adverts for a new channel called Fox Movies. Well it’s good news all around for all those Hollywood lovers amongst you as ‘Fox Movies’ is a free channel that will air the latest Western movies on the Nilesat network as of the 1st of May!

When I first heard about this channel I was stunned at the similarity between it and MBC2! This channel is a joint effort between the Fox company and Rotana and they have gone all out to outdo any competition.

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Gregory Lemarchal “La voix d’un ange”

Gregory Lemarchal

April 30, 2007. For some just a normal date, for others the day that earth lost an amazing artist and heaven gained a new Angel. From his first appearance on stage in star academy 4 (France) everyone knew that the kid has talent. But behind that talent laid a great mystery; how can he sing?

In fact, Gregory had a pulmonary disease called “Mucovisidose”. It is a hereditary, deadly illness. The thing is few of his fans knew the impact of this illness, what we used to see while watching the show is a candidate who coughed a lot. But behind the scenes Gregory went through a lot of hardships that became part of his daily routine since birth. He had to go to the hospital at least once per day in order to do breathing exercises and on Friday night during the prime a team of doctors were always present backstage to help him breath after every song. Still the kid never complained; he never showed any weakness. Even the contestants didn’t feel like they have a sick rival.

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Nancy Ajram Threatened by Al Qaeda?!

Nancy Ajram

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram receiving apparent death threats from ‘Al Qaeda’ in Yemen who allegedly said they would kill her if she performed in Yemen! Nancy spoke out in a recent interview and denied these quite humorous rumours saying that people all over the globe love her and so she wanted to assure them all that these were all lies! Nancy took the opportunity to address another rumour that has been circulated in several media sources involving her upcoming marriage.

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Star Academy 5 - Dailies 95

Before the time of the evaluation, Saad was very worried about Diaa and her ability to sing the Arabic song. She trained in front of him and she did kinda' well. She did listen to the French option, but she was aware that it was too difficult.

Mohammad is still steadfast in the 'oud lessons!
But in the Vocalize class with Mme. Mary, he's not concentrating!
For the millionth time, if Mohammad concentrates a bit more, his voice will be fantabulous!

Nader hosts a TV show (in the theater during Gabi's class).
His first guest is Saad.
Then the students did a small interview with Gabi!

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Tamer Hosny: For Sale!

Tamer Hosny price

I am sure the title excited many ladies who now want to know how they can buy one of the most popular young stars on the scene, Tamer Hosny. But all I can say is that as expected buying Tamer will not be a cheap task and the asking price is 11 million E.P! Nasr Mahrous who is the owner of ‘Free Music’ the company that for now Tamer is part of has indeed announced that he will be selling Tamer Hosny to any production company that is willing to pay him 11 million E.P in addition to whatever sum of money Tamer may request as well. We all know what this means: WAR!

Photos of Tamer Hosny after the jump

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Scrap GMT and Adopt KSA time!

GMT timezones

Somehow the world has adapted to working with GMT as the universal time standard, even TV channels use it! However, at a recent conference in Saudi Arabia some Muslim scholars decided that we should all scrap GMT and adopt Saudi time as Mecca is the true center of the Earth. The reasons for this are endless including the fact that as Muslims we face that direction at least five times a day for prayer and that Mecca is actually in perfect alignment with magnetic north. To be honest, and as a devout Muslim, I truly disagree. GMT has been around forever and now is not the time to change it! Obviously Mecca has it’s importance to us all as Muslims, but it is important as a religious item and not a geographical location.

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