Starac 5: Students Evaluation 10

The mission is to sing a song and do a sketch about the future; a glimpse of the future 20 years from now!

The first to go was Zaher, he sang Yesterday by Paul McCartney. Forgot the whole song and screwed up big time! I say, he’s definitely a nominee!
As for his sketch … a glimpse of the future … included the teachers in it and was about human relations in 2028. (Watch Video)

The second student to go was Abdallah, He sang very well, but I’m not sure what happened in the end when he started singing tirra rara tirara!
His sketch of a glimpse of the future is of star academy season 25! He’s a famous decorator that wants to re-decorate the academy with trends of the future! Not bad at all. (Watch Video)

Then it was Mohammad’s turn, he started off well and sang good, but then he forgot a word or two. Ouch! As for his sketch, I didn’t get to see it because LBC cut the broadcasting for some strange reason! (Watch Video)

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Star Academy 5 - Dailies 66

The resume started with the dinner that the students made in the honor of Mme. Rula and the punishments that she has given Mohammad, one of which is staying in the Academy while the rest of students go out for an outing.
The dinner was made by the girls and this is the 1st time Mme. Rula ever, since the beginning of Star Academy, that she sits with the students for a meal inside the Academy!

Mirhan is totally devastated that Mostafa has left the Academy ... she even talks to Mme. Rula about it!
Mme. Rula advices her to relax and get into the atmosphere of her friends again ... she cannot stay like this forever!
Mirhan draws a pencil portrait of Mostafa and puts it over his bed.
The boys try to make her feel better by feeding her chocolate cake ... but she ends up in tears!

Shahinaz decides to play a prank on Abdallah.
She paints her face brown and scrambles up her hair and turns into a freaky thang!
She hides under his bed!!! And practically scares the heck out of him! Funny!

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Janat New Album

Just two years ago young star Janat went from ‘rising artist’ to an established and well known artist. Her delicate and emotion filled voice touched her audience and made her songs irresistible to any remotely musical ear. And now Janat is planning to serenade her audience once again with her new album which is to be released in the summer of this year. Janat was also honored at the 6th of October University in Egypt as part of the 5th International Cultural Festival.

Photos of Janat at the International Cultural Festival

new pictures of Janat in Egypt

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Statue Vandal Should Lose Ear!

Moai Statue Ear

We have all heard of the legendary concept of ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ and this concept is implemented in some countries around the world. Well the Mayor of Easter Island claims that the ear of a Finnish tourist should be cut off as he broke of the ear of a priceless and ancient Moai statue!
The tourist attempted to get a piece of the statue, which is carved out of volcanic rock, as a souvenir.

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Haifa Wehbe a Multi Talent in Matolchi Li Had

Haifa Wehbe finished shooting her latest music video of her new song Ma t2oulch lhad, from her new album Sirr Gharib.
The clip, which is directed by Leila Kanaan, was shot in 3 days at the LBCI studios in Adma.
Haifa appears in the clip in 5 different tableaus; something between classical ballet, vintage pin-up girls, Broadway and Las Vegas shows!

The clip is exquisite because the art direction is by Ivan Maussion, a French set designer who worked with international stars like Vanessa Paradis and Laetitia Casta. The choreography is by Gaelle Pouliquen, also a French choreographer. And Haifa's outfits are all designed by Nicolas Gebran.

Photos from Haifa Wehbe New Clip

Photos from Haifa Wehbe New Clip

Mawazine: The Best of East and West

Mawazine Festival

It really is rare to see two great artists from two different generations and two different sides of the world performing in an Arab country. Well Morocco’s ‘Mawazine Festival’ will be bringing not only great Arab artists like Nancy Ajram to the Arab world but also western musical legends like Whitney Houston. The festival will be occurring in four separate areas of Rabat each with a different ‘theme’.

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First Female Judge in UAE

The appointment of Thurgood Marshall as the first African American Supreme Court Judge in 1967 was a mile stone for African American’s everywhere, and today women are experiencing a similar breakthrough in the UAE. On Wednesday the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa appointed Kholoud Ahmad Jouan Al-Dhaheri as a judge in the Emirates. This was a first in the UAE but not in the Arab world after for example Bahrain also appointed a female judge not too long ago.

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Star Academy 5 - Dailies 65

Mohammad is on his nerves because of the big boo boo he did during the prime! When he sang Wadih al Safi's song, he got too excited and got carried away!
So, he knew that a punishment was coming his way soon ... so, he tried to compose a song for Mme. Rula in order to let him go!

As for Amal M. , she's got Kuku on her mind!
She's mad at him because he hasn't come to see her ... like he promised her!
Diaa tells her to cut him some slack, because he might have had an important thing to do or some emergency thing that stopped him from coming.

But Mirhan, she's still got Mostafa on her mind! and he still brings tears to her eyes!
And Saad has nothing buy Moscow on his mind!

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Star Academy 5 - Dailies 64

Mohammad calls his friend Bayan, but the call left him stressed rather than relaxed!
He believes she lied about some things ...
Zaher, Nader and Amal M. were sitting in the girls dressing room talking about different things over food. They were mostly discussing the upcoming plan for the voting ... How will they vote and for which student will the majority of the votes go.
Saad calls his mom, who in her turn gives him the ten commandments! And strangely enough, she asks him to call her back very soon and to put Diaa on the phone! I wonder why!?
Mostafa and Mirhan are on their nerves and are afraid of what the results what the end of the prime will bring. They are also trying to figure out how their friends will distribute the votes!

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Send Mohammad a Birthday Cake!

During the past 4 seasons of LBC Star Academy, all students who celebrated their b-days inside the academy got surprises ... if not a joyful surprise, then a huge birthday cake ... you remember, right?
Well, during this 5th season, Diaa and Zaher celebrated their birthdays, some with yummy cakes and some surprises and gifts.
But ... there's another student who had his birthday a few days ago in the academy as well ... and all he got was a birthday wish and a punishment! Wow! What a surprise!
Mohammad was totally neglected on his birthday ... that's unfair!
Every person deserves to feel special and receive at least a cake on his birthday!
It's called equality! All people should be treated the same ... especially on their birthdays!

So, i suggest that we send Mohammad a belated Birthday cake ... No! Make that as many cakes we can send!
We'll send a cake ... it only costs a bit ... and you can do the same.
Here's the address of LBC:

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