Star Academy 5: Any Different?

Star Academy 5

I have been religiously following Star Academy 5 as I know many of you have too, and the question that is burning in the back of my mind is: is it any different? Obviously, like every year the décor of the Academy is different and there are several additions like the swimming pool. However, it seems to me like some of the contestants are trying to copy old contestants. For example, Shahinaz and Ahmed, the two Egyptian contestants, have formed what I call a ‘Sally- Kammah bond’ and they are working together to produce songs already.

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Kathem El Saher Sets The Record Straight!

You may recall an article I wrote a while back about the rumor that legendary Iraqi singer Kathem El Saher refused to have Haleema Boland present the episode of ‘Taratata’ that he was to star in. Well this week Kathem was at a press conference and he seemed very keen to answer all questions and did not want to leave but was forced to as the organizers claimed he had rehearsals. The questions fired at Kathem were expectedly heated and one of them was about why he had excluded Haleema Boland! He replied that this was in no way true and that he does not involve himself in these details as he understands it is none of his business.

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Star Academy 5 Dailies - 3

The daily resume today began with a serious conversation between Ahmad and Shahinaz in the theater room.
What do you think of Shahinaz' problem? Her dad was totally against participating in the show and against her singing! Yet, she did it and dared to break her father's word ...
Oh! Do you think a sorta' love relationship could grow between Shahinaz and Ahmad?

Then we get to know the whole story of Ahmad's first guitar ... with all it's teensy weensy details!
Ahmad's determination is unstoppable! No?

Back to the growing story of Asma and Adnan! Now, they're talking about how they're trying their best to be themselves, especially at this point of being inside the academy and under all the surveillance and the cameras!
What do you think of Asma? Is she too sensitive?
In all cases, Saad seems to be the consultant of the Academy ... But i think Saad said something right; It will take at least one whole month for all the students to get to know each other. You're on the spot Saad!

Video of Starac 5 Dailies - Day 3

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Jad Choueiri Fights Terrorism

The way Western people perceive Arabs and the Arab youth is not a new issue but very little has been done in the way of changing this image. What is in my opinion surprising is that Jad Choueiri has decided to take a step in bettering the image of the Arab youth in the eyes of people all over the world. How will he achieve this presumably impossible task?

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Star Academy 5 Dailies - 2

The students are excited about starting their lessons and thus, they have already taken their skills to the recording studio and the theater!
Adnan and Asma were serious about an interview with Shireen Abdel Wahab! you guessed it, Asma is Shireen and Adnan is the reporter ... but is there more to this than meets the eye?
Have the love stories already started? ... What makes me raise this question is that Asma later went to Saad for some consultation! ... Hmmm, what do you think?
As for Ahmad and Khaled, well, they have started spilling their skills on the theater stage! They re-enacted the whole process of the triple casting that the students go through before being accepted and they also clarified the moments of agony that come with the waiting ... are they going to Beirut or not ... waiting for that important final call!

Photos from Starac 5 Dailies - Day2

Photos from Starac 5 Dailies 2

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Update: Part 4 video of the dailies is online now.

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Guess Who -12-

Guess Who 12

He calls himself the war president and he always has a stupid smile on his face... can you guess who he is ;)?

George Wassouf Made Carole Samaha Cry!

Carole Samaha

Many of you will have tuned in to the spectacular episode of ‘El Araab’ (The Godfather) in which Nishan interviewed Carole Samaha and Ahmed El Saka. The episode in general was a pleasure to watch and really brought out the level of intellect that both these stars possessed. However, after the episode had finished and the stars were meeting the press Nishan received a phone call on his private number and the caller wanted to speak to no other than Carole.

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