Star Academy 5 Dailies - 6

It's obvious that this bunch of students is restless!
They're actually spending more time discussing character issues and personalities more than sitting down and rehearsing songs!
Mostafa and Adnan made a full assessment of the girls in the academy in regards to which they like best or like least!
Later Adnan got together with Asma and they started sharing thoughts on the prefect Mr. & Mrs. Right!
As for Mostafa, he got together with Diaa and they started talking about what they used to think of each other when they first met each other ... Bla Bla Bla ... Boring!!!

Later, Diaa was furious because of the way the students are rehearsing for the songs and she went to Saad to spill the beans! She said a lot and Saad was a very good listener ... she even didn't give him a chance to comment on the matter!
Diaa can't stand Mohammad and she's afraid that there will come a time when she'll explode in his face!
So, Saad goes to Zaher and Ahmad and tells them frankly that he also doesn't stand Mohammad and thinks he's full of himself!!!

Photos from Star Academy 5 Dailies Day 6

Star Academy 5 Dailies 6 Videos

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What is Mohammad Saying?

Mohammad from Jordan

We left the balloon empty for you to fill in with your own words.
The best caption (words) will appear along with the picture by the end of tomorrow.

Another Provocative Dana Clip

Photo from Dana new video clip 2008

Lebanese singer Dana has an unpleasant reputation for making seductive and provocative music videos whilst having a less than satisfactory voice! Indeed she is another so called ‘singer’ that decided to use her body instead of what little talent she has to make it to the top. In another chapter in her disgusting career Dana concluded the filming of the music video for the song ‘Howa Ana Shway’ which was filmed in a studio in Beirut.

Photos from Dana new video clip

pictures from Dana new music video clip

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Texas Welcomes Aliens!


Three weeks ago an event occurred in Stephenville Texas that to some was the proof they had waited for all their lives. Indeed UFO’s were spotted. Excitement bubbled all around this small town, students made T-shirts with the slogan ‘Stephenville: The new Roswell’ and the media obviously flooded in. At the time of the sighting spokespeople from the Air Force claimed that there had been no jets in the area and one man even speculated that it was an ‘illusion’ cast by commercial planes and the sun reflecting off them.

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Star Academy 5 Dailies - 5

The resume today started with Wadih Abi Raad talking to the students about cleanliness!
It hasn't been a week yet and the theater has become a dump!!! Full of empty water bottles!
And because the students all acted like kids and blamed each other, Wadih took the decision to leave them and he walked out of the theater! Wow!
I guess they deserve it! They should learn how to take care of their own garbage! No?

As for Mohammad ... he wasn't happy that some of the students criticized him for being serious ... i think he has a point, because from day one at the academy some students started telling other students what to do and what not to do!
I guess, each one should just monitor his/her own behavior ...
Hey guys! Don't make a big deal out of it!!! Chill!

Star Academy 5 Dailies 5 Video [All the 4 parts are online]

LBC Star Academy 5 Dailies 5 Video

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Hind Sabri New TV Series

Tunisian actress Hind Sabri

Hind Sabri is a talented actress by any standards and now that she has conquered cinema she is entering the world of TV drama! Her entrance will be by the way of a 30 episode series that currently holds the temporary name ‘Bad El Forak’. The story is of two young children Nagey, Hinds co-star Khalid Saleh, and Sukarah who fall in love as children, however, Nagey grows up to be a famous journalist and hence forgets about his childhood love.

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Al Qarar ... Two Million Riyals to Win!

al qarar on mbc1

A new program on MBC1 and a whopping prize to be won!
Al Qarar is the latest game show on MBC1 and is hosted by Saudi actor Abdel Muhsen Al Nimer.
What's it all about then? ... 9 contestants, who have never met each other and have only gotten acquainted through the program, are stuck in a very high-tech villa, from which they cannot leave unless they chose 1 ... only 1 of them to win the 2 million Riyals! Twisted!
Those nine have no way of contact with the outside world! No cellphone and even no watch! What will they do? And how long will they be able to survive like this?
There are a set of rules that need to be followed ... and there's a game ... a catch ...
All the contestants have secrets ... deep and dark secrets!
If the contestants do not choose 1 unanimously ... there will be punishment!

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Star Academy 5 Dailies - 4

The main question ... The moment we're waiting for ... Who will the 1st nominees of Star Academy 5 be?
So, the dailies today were all about the 1st evaluation, which the students performed yesterday!
Each group of students was busy practicing for this very important evaluation.
Ok ... but i have to mention the silly conversation between Ahmad and Shahinaz about the stupid nuggets!!! Was that a shallow argument ... or am i imagining?!

As for Diaa (Yes! I spelled her name correctly this time!), poor girl! she's suffering from the difference of dialects! She has to learn the Lebanese and Egyptian dialect in order to perfect the songs that she has to perform in the evaluation and the primes! Ahmad has taken it upon himself to give Diaa his time and teach her the correct way of pronunciation ... That's really nice of him!

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