Basel and Patty Are Still in Love

Basel and Patty

We received many emails from you asking about what happened with Basel and Patty… And many rumors were circulating claiming the separation of this couple because of many problems between them and their families … however, now we can tell you that Basel and Patty are doing well together and their relation is still going on … :)

We will let you know when they are officially married.

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Ahmed Al Sherif Concert in City Mall

These are some photos from Ahmed Alsherif concert in Jordan. The concert was held in City Mall Center in Amman and sponsored by Orange.
Lots of Ahmed fans attended the concert and it was too crowded that Ahmed couldn’t leave without the security and police intervention…

pictures from Ahmed Concert in City Mall Amman

If you are curious about more news of Ahmed, well, here some more news: Ahmed will be releasing his new album on the 2nd day of Eid Al-Fitr and he is currently working on pepsi film ‘Bar AlNujoom’.

Haifa And Ragheb In Canada & USA

Haifa and Ragheb Concert Poster

Good news for those of you living in Canada and the USA: Ragheb Alama and Haifa Wehbe are coming to your town soon! Talal Ghazawy owner of Layalina Entertainment has organized for Ragheb and Haifa to perform three concerts in Canada. These concerts are to take place in October and after these two artists blow their fans in Canada away they will travel to the USA to perform a few concerts there...

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Photo of Katia and Her Husband

If you have never seen a photo of Lebanese star academy 2 candidate Katia Haraka with her Husband, here is a nice photo:

Katia and Her Husband

Katia got married in the beginning of last Spring to a Lebanese guy; it was quite a surprise for her fans who thought she will get married to her boyfriend Jihad or Bashar AlQaisi who was a candidate with her at the academy.
Many rumors surrounded Katia and Bashar claiming they were involved in a love relationship…

Ahmed El Shami Independent

Ahmed El Shami

After former WAMA member Mohamed Nour’s amazing success as a sole artist his fellow WAMA member Ahmed EL Shami is following in his footsteps. Just recently Ahmed shot the video clip for his single ‘Amana’ which he has now decided will air during Eid El Fitr. After the airing of the video clip Ahmed will release his new album and the first he has done by himself which he just completed recording.

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The Woman with The World's Smallest Waist

the smallest waist in the world

This photo is NOT photo-shopped! It's a real pic and the woman in it is the woman with the world's smallest waist! She's even in the Guinness Book of World Records!
Pensioner Cathie Jung, who is 70 year old, has a tiny waist which measures just 38 cm!
I wonder, where are her internal organs? How can all the things fit in there?

Source: Daily Mail

Favorite Ramadan 2007 TV Series

What is your favorite TV Series this Ramadan?

- King Farouq
- Bab Al Hara 2
- Al Dally
- Afreet Al Qersh
- Sultan Al Gharam
- Ragel Wo Sit Setat
- Yetraba Fe Ezzo
- Hanin Wo Hanan
- Sakf Al Alam
- Khaled Ben Al Walid 2
- Nemer Ben Edwan
- Other (Please mention which one)

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A Swimming Pool at Star Academy 5!

It isn’t unusual for Star Academy to receive a hefty amount of criticism from people because of the fact that males and females live together etc, however, some of the arrangements this year may lead to quite an uprising. Rola Saad ,the Executive Producer and the woman behind Star Academy, has decided to install a swimming pool into the Academy this year for the 5th season of the show. Rola says that the contestants go through a lot of stress and a swimming pool is a great way to have them release this stress in a productive way.

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The First Saudi Female Actress!

Reem, the First Saudi Female Actress

It seems that Saudi Arabia is really changing these days, we heard lately about the new licenses given to Saudi female architects and the strong movement to give women the right to drive in the kingdom … and now, we get a new surprise, a big one this time that would have been taken for a joke only a year ago … it’s the first Saudi female actress!

Her name is Reem, she is 20 years old and she already took roles in 3 different TV Series two of which are the famous series ‘Tash ma Tash’ and ‘Amsha Bent Ammash’!

These are some photos of the first female Saudi actress Reem … Enjoy!

Pictures of Reem, the Saudi Female Actress

Shereen and Angham Together Again!

Hala, Shereen and Angham

For a while now there has been a dispute between two of Rotana’s favorite female artists Shereen Abdul Wahab and Angham. Well it seems that one of the executives at Rotana, Hala Sarhan, saw that it was time for this argument to end and so she orchestrated a little plan. It just so happened that Shereen and Angham and Hala would be in Lebanon at the same time for business which is where the plot began. Hala spoke to Shereen’s husband Mohammed Mustafa and Angham’s manager Ahmed Ragab and ensured that both stars were staying at the same hotel.

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Cynthia Karam TV Show!

Cynthia Karam

Remember Lebanese star academy 1 candidate Cynthia Karam? After a long time of disappearance, she has come back with a new TV show during the month of Ramadan on Alan TV satellite channel.

Cynthia new show is a new take on cooking shows; she introduces a new girl everyday with a new recipe, and at the end of the episode, Cynthia and a chef will judge the prepared dish…
You can vote too for your favorite recipe so that the girls with the most votes will earn valuable prizes at the end of month.