Shatha First Live Interview

Iraqi LBC Star Academy 4 winner Shatha Hassoun who was featured in a CNN article, and is the first female to win this title, had her first live interview today on LBC where she talked about how happy and proud she is with this achievement. She also said that she will do her best to present Iraq in the best possible way as a new Iraqi singer especially now, at a time when the Iraqi people are suffering every single day ...

During the interview, Shatha sang a few songs, like 'Akdeb Aleek' and 'Ya Tayeb Al Galb'. She also promised that she will continue her career in singing and will do her best to please her fans around the world.

Here are some photos from the Interview

photos from Shatha first Interview

Shakira Rocks the Pyramids of Giza

shakira in cairo

It was a new Goddess that moved the pyramids of Giza in Cairo two days ago ... Shakira sang, danced & mesmerized over 100.000 people at her concert on Wednesday.
She didn't only sing her songs, but she also surprised the audiences with an Arabic song, she chose to start her concert with Fairuz's song 'Atini Annay wa Ghanni' & she also belly danced to the song of the fabulous Um Kulthum 'Inta Omri'.
Shakira rocked the Pyramids with her famous songs La Tortura, Illegal, Estoy Aqui & Hips don't Lie among others.

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LBC Star Academy 4 Final Prime

starac final prime results

Tonight's prime is the most special, it's the last one of the season & the one that is a doorway to one star ... Qammah, Carlo, Marwa or Shatha.
The guests tonight were Assi Al Hillani from Lebanon & Samira Said from Morocco.
Hilda looked smashing in a green dress ... That color really suits her!
Tonight Rula Saad announced that there will be Star Academy 5 next year ... We're on our toes already!
During the prime, reportage's took us through the few months that the remaining students passed in the Academy.
It was nice seeing the rest of the students back on the stage to sing ... We sure missed them.

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Ahmad Al Saqqa Cheats Death!

ahmad al saqqa

Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Saqqa has been hard at work filming his latest action movie 'Taymour & Shafiqa' in Ukraine.
But there have been a few rumors about his health condition that need to be corrected.
Rumor had it that Al Saqqa was injured during filming one of the scenes for the movie, when his clothes caught fire in an explosion scene.
The truth is, his clothes did catch on fire, but he was quick at taking them off & getting away without any injuries.

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The 3rd 'Jazz in Carthage' in April

On the 12th of April, the 3rd 'Jazz in Carthage' festival will start in the beautiful city of Carthage in Tunisia.
This festival has always been a smash hit & this year it will focus on contemporary Jazz.
The famous Tunisian musician Anwar Braham, will be the first to start the festival with a live performance including extracts from his award-winning album "Sahar's Journey".
The festival will take place on the ancient amphitheater in Carthage as well as at the Acropolium, the Ennejma Ezzahra in Sisi Bou Said, the Renaissance Jazz Club, the Mad Art Gallery & the Galerie Saadi.

Shatha Hassoun on CNN !

Remember last year when Saudi participant Sulafa from the fashion show Mission Fashion made it to CNN? This year Shatha Hassoun has made it to the international media arenas as well! There's a whole article about her & her participation in LBC Star Academy 4 on CNN. Isn't that cool?!
The article describes Shatha as an enthusiastic, charismatic & talented 26-year-old singer ... She has a mixed heritage; born in Morocco to an Iraqi father & a Moroccan mother.

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Amal on Jaras TV & Starac Friends

- We can't know the truth except from her.What was the reason of Amal's dismissal from the tour for star academy 4? If you want to know all the truth, watch Jaras TV Thursday at 7:30 PM Beirut timing to figure out what Amal Al Anbary star academy 4 candidate is going to say.

By Aline

- Star Academy candidates from season 1,2,3 and 4 will be together for the first time in a new TV Series produced by LBC.

Amal Al Anbari Latest News

It seems Amal Al Anbari is back in Beirut! But not for the Star Ac 4 tour.
According to reports, Amal was contacted by Mme. Rola Saad that told her to come to Beirut in order to continue her music studies. So, Amal is currently in Beirut, staying at a 5 star hotel & continuing her Vocalize lessons with Mme. Mary!
Amal has also gotten a contract deal with Rotana, she hasn't singed it yet, but she most probably will soon.

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