Most Viewed Photos on WALEG

These are some of the most viewed photos on WALEG Photo Galleries until this date:

Wafa Bin Laden: Several photos of Wafa appeared in GQ magazine showing her lying on a bed with rumpled pink silk sheets and lots of pillows, and covered only with pink feathers.

Haifa Wehbe: This photo of Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe was at one of Alwadi weekly primes.

Fadi Andraos: Fadi is one of LBC Star Academy 3 candidates, click here to read more about him.

Nancy Ajram: This is a photo of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram taken for her in a private party she held in Dubai.

Hani Hussein: Hani is one of Star Academy 3 candidates who made it to the final prime, click here to read more about him.

Eminem: This a photo from Eminem's wedding.

Lamitta Frangieh: This is a photo of Lebanese Model Lamitta Frangieh in a Swimsuit.

World's Most Expensive Cities


According to the latest cost-of-living survey from Mercer Consulting, Moscow is the most expensive city in the world!
Although Moscow was number four last year, this time it jumped over Tokyo's head, which has been number one for the past four years.
The survey uses New York City, which comes at number ten, as its cost base - scoring it at 100. Then it compares the prices of more than 200 items, including housing, household goods, food, entertainment and transportation in 144 cities around the world.
In Moscow, a two-bedroom apartment will cost you $3,000, a cup of coffee $5.27, an international newspaper $3.40, and a burger with fries $3.87.

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J. K Rowling Back into Scene with Some Somber News

Author J.K Rowling

Author J.K Rowling is getting all Harry Potter fanatics’ attention once again. This time, she makes them even more interested—or shocked—by giving a hint about the last of the seven Potter series. Without hesitation, she reveals that two regular HP characters will die and Harry Potter might just be one of them.

Rowling is not yet done with Book 7 but she is working on it right now, although she has already finished writing the last chapter way back in 1990. She has made some revisions on it though. In a news article, she said “the final chapter is hidden away although it's now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve. But I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die.”

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Haifa’s Tour & Nancy’s $7 Million

• Egyptian actress Sharihan health condition is better and she is expected to return to work soon.

• Despite the highest record sales of Elissa’s new album in Virgin Mega stores around the Arab world, Elissa is facing troubles in some Arab countries like Egypt and Morocco; in Egypt she didn’t pay the required fees to the Egyptian Musician Association after she sang at a private wedding party… In Morocco, the two concerts she held in Casablanca weren’t very successful after a dramatic decrease of audience.

• Haifa Wehbe’s tour in the in the US and Canada will begin on the beginning of next month, and her first performance will be in Ottawa.

• Nancy Ajram was recently offered $7 million for a role in a new Egyptian television series called ‘Farouq Al Awal’. She will be having the role of Queen Nariman, the wife of late King Farouq.

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Be Proud of Your History & Culture

Hi to everyone!
As an outsider to Arab society and culture, I would like to make some notices.
I was shocked the way Arab people speak to each other (degrading each other's countries etc...)I really wonder where is the glory of the Arab countries and culture that we used to admire some decades ago!!! I felt really sorry to fell some inferiority towards the western culture. Never and ever forget that what western countries have now (as culture, intellectualism, medicine, human rights etc...) they got it from the Muslims. Therefore, it is still in your hands to take it back by admiring your glorious past as we do.

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Frasier's Eddie is Dead !

eddie from frasier

Moose better known as the dog Eddie on Frasier has died of old age! He was 16.
Eddie had been the dog character on the famous comedy for 10 years.
His trainer says: He was 16-and-a-half years old, and he always had an incredible charisma and was a such a free spirit, & on the show he was always trying to put Frasier in funny, uncomfortable circumstances.
I always liked watching Frasier on MBC 4 & on One Tv, & it was always a joy watching what Eddie does, he was funny & intelligent.

Kathem Al Saher Received the Gulf Polo Cup

Kathem Al Saher

Prominent Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher was recently honored in London during a big ceremony in which he received the Gulf Polo Cup from Saudi Prince Mohamed Ben Fahad.
The queen of England and many other important personalities attend this ceremony as well.

Would You Wear a Cockroach ?

giant madagascar hissing cockroach

I just came across the weirdest thing & thought I'd share it with you.
Designer Jared Gold has come up with a two-in-one accessory; it's a pet & a piece of jewelry at the same time!
The Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooch is a pet & a jeweled brooch all in one!
The cockroach is alive, 3 inches long & has Swarovski crystals glued to its hard shell, they are also attached to a pin with a silver chain, which means they can crawl around their owners shoulders and arms!

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A Bear Afraid of A Cat !

bear & cat

Would you believe that there is actually a bear that's afraid of a small cat?
Well, there is one!
A Black bear got chased up a tree by an orange cat in New Jersy. When the bear got the courage to climb down, the cat chased him up another tree!
The cat was simply looking at the bear, but it seems the bear was afraid of the cat & the hissing sound it made.
The bear eventually came down, after the cats owner called it away.

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