Ragheb Alama Photos

Ragheb Alama Photos

A week ago we announced that we will be adding a new photo gallery, this time for a male singer... Who is that singer? He is lebanese singer Ragheb Alama who is well known for his beautiful video clips scenarios that comes with romantic stories, beautiful girls and beautiful words that are in total agreement with the tunes.

Ragheb Alama photo Album

Arab Unity

'I believe that the Arab world is never going to be a united nation, as had been hoped in the Arab Revolt, but something in a more modern context, similar to Europe. It is the only way. We have developed within each part of the Arab world our own identities, and unity in the future must be a unity of sovereign equals.'
King Hussein I

A Date With A Message!

the special date

A date written on top of it: (Zayed Rahamho Allah), was found recently by a woman while she was preparing cake for the Eid. The woman lives in the United Arab Emirates.
We couldn’t see the written message! Could you?

Fares Karam Concert Tours

fares karam concert tours

After the big boom he has made with his song ‘Tanoura’ skirt, Lebanese hottie Fares Karam has scheduled a few tours in the Arab world and abroad during Eid Al Fitr and after.
He will be holding concerts in Syria during the second and third days of Al Eid.
He will also be holding a concert or two in Canada during November, then down to the States and off to Australia as well.
Fares Karam will also be shooting a new video clip for the song ‘Wa3adni’ with director Walid Nasif.

Photo Gallery (Fares Karem Photos) :


Rum Tareq Al Naser Group, Pure Brilliance

tareq al naser

Rum is a unique Jordanian musical group lead by Arab composer Tareq Al Naser.
You might recognize his name, or might have heard his great compositions in many Arab series starting from ‘Nihayat Rajul Shuja3’ in the 90’s, until ‘Muluk Al Tawaef’ this year.
Tareq Al Naser is a true genius, he has a gift of composing brilliant music that overwhelms the listener, and sends shivers down any appreciative persons spine.

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Haifa Wehbe in Hollywood

Haifa Wehbe

The old news about Haifa Wehbe acting in Hollywood is circulating again!
This time it is said that she will be acting along side Billy Zane, in a movie about a singer who owns a Cabaret.
Do you think this time the news is true, or will it fade away in a while?
Do you think Haifa is the right person to act in a Hollywood movie, or is there someone else who is more worthy?

Photo Gallery (Haifa Wehbe at Alwadi prime):

Haifa Wehbe at Alwadi Prime

Amr Diab .. New Album on Eid El Fitr

Amr Diab .. New Album on Eid El Fitr

Amr diab is done with his new album, and it’s supposed to be released during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr! He worked with different composers and poets to make sure he gets the best songs for this album.

Amr diab went on a very strict diet to come out with a whole new and different look for this album. He lost about ten kilos for the shooting of the first video clip for the upcoming album.
I'm sure everything he does comes out great, because he has a great voice and looks great.

By guest writer Angel
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Nancy Ajram; Eid Concert At The Holiday Inn

nancy ajram with sawt el ghad

If you are living in Jordan, and are planning something special for Eid Al Fitr, then you would want to plan for this …
Lebanese Star Nancy Ajram will be holding a concert at the grand hall at The Holiday Inn in Amman on the second day of the holy feast of Eid Al Fitr.

The concert is sponsored by Sawt El Ghad Radio & Citroen.
Enjoy your time with your friends and family, and get a chance to win a Citroen C4 car.

Photo Galleries:

Nancy in a special TV appearance

Nancy Ajram in Future Super Star 2

The Real Raya and Sekina

The Real Raya and Sekina

Those are the photos of the real Raya and Sekina, the famous Egyptian criminals of the 20s and whose story is being told in this year's Ramadan series Raya and Sekina where their roles are being played by Egyptian actresses Sumaya El Khashab and Abla Kamel.
The one on the right is Raya and the other is Sekina.

Raya and Sekina series is being broadcasted on MBC 1.

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Super Star Rouwaida Attiah in Dubai

rouwaida attiah

Syrian Super Star runner-up Rouwaida Attiah is getting ready to head to Dubai.

She will be the guest star of Noujoum Television directly from the Kufa tent, and will be presenting some of her songs from her new album.

Photo Gallery:

Rouwaida Attiah