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Tara Reid Picture

Tara Reid was posing for pictures on the red carpet at P. Diddy's birthday bash in New York... more

Mischa Barton Unsure of her 'O.C.' Future

Mischa Barton has hinted that she does not want to star in hit US drama, The O.C., forever... more

Usher wins best album at MTV Europe Music awards

Usher, R&B star picked his first prize at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome, winning best album with “Confessions... more

Susan Selles

Susan Selles went to law school and got to be a lawyer.. and eventually an actress. She's a corporate lawyer and when she went to work for Atlantic Worldwide they asked her to... more

Pierce Brosnan ... After the Sunset

There will be no sailing off into the sunset of retirement for the well-loved James Bond actor... more

George Clooney with a Beautiful Woman in a Fiat Car

George Clooney has already shot the commerical, which will see him being lured into a Fiat car which is being driven by a beautiful woman... more

Nancy Ajram Concerts in Jordan

Nancy Ajram is scheduled to hold two concerts in Jordan during December. The first concert Nancy will hold is at the Meridian Hotel on December 2, 2005 during a fancy dinner, and the second will take place at the Amman National University Arena stage the next day.

Geat Gift Ideas .. Halo 2 .. CSI Miami

Here are some great gift ideas:

The Official Game Guide of Halo 2

Halo 2

This guide includes an encyclopedic appraisal of Halo 2's multiplayer mode; a full, highly accessible walkthrough for the epic Campaign mode; and everything on basic play, all in one book.

CSI Miami Game

CSI: Miami, a cool whodunit role-playing game for your PC based on the popular TV series.

CSI Miami Game

Miss Digital World

Virtual Girl ... Miss Digital World

The battle to replace today's models with computer generated beauties has been raging for years? but we may be close to deciding a victor. This online "pageant" showcases the best of the virtual best using photo galleries and video clips of the CGI divas. They're pretty good considering they're being designed by a computer geeks who have probably never seen a naked woman up close.

Miss Digital World contest was first announced on November 30th 2003. Since then, news of the event has been published across the world.

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Ruby Returns with in a Movie after the Failure of the First !

After an absence from the scene for a few months, Egyptian singer Ruby has returned after getting a leading role in the upcoming film “Dala’ Al Banat” (Spoiled Girls).

Ruby will be performing a number of songs throughout the film and it has been revealed that she has been offered a very high wage for her role. It is not understood why the singer has been offered such a high wage despite the fact that it is only her second film and her first was more of a failure than a success...

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Start Being That Today!

Ask yourself the question, 'If I could be anything in this world, and be guaranteed success, what would I be?' Then start being that today in the small ways that you are able. Pretend and imagine shopping like that person, breathing like that person, making decisions like that person. Then build a bridge from here to there with real actions and steps.

Darine and Ja Leili


Once again the beautiful Darine adorns the screen with a new single “Ja Leili”.
Darine is still as captivating as always; you can’t take your eyes off her face and her moves as she dances to the “yet again” catchy tune of her new song “Ja Leili”.

Do you think her new single is as good as her first one “AIWA” ?

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Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sold To a Casino

Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich

An internet casino 'GoldenPalace.com' has purchased the grilled cheese sandwich on eBay that bears the image of the Virgin Mary. Despite being 10 years old and having one bite taken out of it, the slice of Heaven has, perhaps miraculously, stayed free of mould.

The handover for the infamous Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich is to take place at 1 p.m., Wednesday, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. The sandwich is then to be displayed at the Hard Rock for a little more than a day, protected under lock and key and with police guards.

The Casino paid $28,000 for the Holy toast!

Shadi Aswad’s new single

Shadi Aswad

Syrian Super Star Shadi Aswad has released a single and video clip which is being aired on the Arabic Music Channel Melody Hits.
The song is called “Ta’y La’andy” and it sounds really good and Shadi looks better than ever.

Check it out and let us know what you think …

Remember Bruno Tabbal?

Around a year ago, we got to know a cute Lebanese guy on Star Academy. His name is Bruno Tabbal and he made the girls go crazy.

The other day on one of the Arabic music channels a new young singer called Hiba Mounzer appeared with her second video clip and a song under the title of “keef baddak habibi”. As you all know, every video clip has to have a story and each story has a hero and hereon … the hero is none other than the handsome Bruno Tabbal.

He appears towards the end of the clip in a red convertible. Try to check it out … he is a bit more handsome than the last time we saw him!!!

JFK Reloaded

JFK Reloaded

JFK Reloaded is an online game that deals with the John F. Kennedy assassination and was made available on the 41st anniversary of the president's death.

The game, JFK Reloaded, offers a single-player experience that casts gamers in the role of convicted assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who, by most accounts, was the sole sniper who shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963...

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Nancy Ajram in Morocco

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram will for the first time hold two concerts in Morocco during the month of December. Nancy will be singing a collection of songs from her upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released during the beginning of 2005.

Concert tickets are already being sold despite the fact that no official announcements for the concerts have been made.

Boosy Samer on Melody Hits, what is she doing?

Boosy Samer

A few weeks back, Boosy Samer made her first appearance on the Arabic music channels in her song “hot el nu’at”. The song wasn’t all that good, it might only have a catchy tune … but people wanted to see the video clip; a cartoonish set, a family and a maid –Boosy- . But what makes this all really odd, is the way Boosy dresses; a small outfit and a lot of cleavage!!! Not only that, but the maid is trying to “get” the man of the house!!! Seduction, seduction, seduction …

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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

Are the works of Leonardo Da Vinci full of riddles and clues … does the 500 year old Mona Lisa hold the clues that Jesus of Nazareth was married ?
After reading the “so” popular novel The Da Vinci Code, people are flocking to the French museum the Louver to examine with their own eyes the Mona Lisa and try to find the clues to solving the riddles.

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