Assault on Girl Wearing Bikini Sparks a Pro-bikini Protest in France

Angelique Sloss was sunbathing in Leo Park before she was beaten up by a group women for dressing inappropriately.

Pro-bikini Protest in France

In order to show their support for the 21-year old Sloss, French women all wearing bikinis held a rally in the Léo Lagrange public park in Reims.

Women around the globe also joined in the cause by using the Twitter hashtag #JePorteMonMaillotAuParcLeo , which roughly translates to "I wear my bikini in the Leo park."

According to reports, Sloss was told, "Go get dressed, it’s not summer," before a fight broke out. Originally the attack was thought to be religiously motivated but the police refuted that and claimed it was clear from all the statements that the attack had nothing to do with religion.

Three of the attackers have been identified and will be appearing in court in September.

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