Arab Idol 3: The Finale + Photos

Arab Idol Finalists

The finale night of the third season of Arab Idol has arrived ... and tonight, one of the three finalists will be given the title of "Arab Idol" ... so who will it be? Haitham from Palestine? Hazem from Syria? Or Majid from Saudi Arabia?

The final guest is Hussein Al Jasmi.
The judging panel is looking uber suave tonight and so are Ahmad and Annabella.
They are all looking dapper in soiree attire that's fit for a ball!

Phantom of the Opera

After a performance from Al Jasmi, the past contestants of Arab Idol 3 join the 3 finalists to perform an Arabic version of the famous play, Phantom of The Opera.
Their performance was flawless and fantabulous! Really left a lasting impression on me!

Al Jasmi

During the show, Al Jasmi will perform a few of his songs, some Khaliji and some in Egyptian.

The three finalists perform during the night ... the judges don't need to comment on their voices, because they've said all that can be said ... and those three wouldn't have lasted until the finale if their voices and talents weren't fantastic!

Nancy Ajram

Wael Kfouri

The contestants of Arab Idol 3 performed again with the 3 finalists, this time a song about Peace and Freedom. A song that hits all the right buttons ...

As for the most important moment of the whole season ... it all comes down to this ... who is this year's Arab Idol?
The finalist with the majority of votes and the winner is ... Know who the winner is here.

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