Arab Idol 3, The Night Before The Last!

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of Arab Idol 3 ... because tomorrow is the final episode and only one of the three finalists will be winning the title and becoming the Star.

The Idol is going to be either Haitham from Palestine, Hazem from Syria or Majid from Saudi Arabia. It all depends on the voting of the audience and viewers from across the Arab World.

Haitham from Palestine

Haitham is the first to perform. He starts with a beautiful Mawwal about Palestine. Then he sings a song by Wadih Al Safi.

Just a quick note, the three finalists are going to sing 3 songs each tonight.

After the break, Majid from S.A. will be singing his first song.

Majid decides to sing a song by Abdallah Rouwaished, and next up is Hazem.

The three finalists continue to perform two more songs each throughout the duration of the show.

The judges praised the finalists and had only good things to say to them.
They have reached this stage because they have good voices and their performances progress and improve every week.

Here are a bunch of photos from the LIVE show:

Arab Idol 3 finalists

Majid Madani

Hazem from Syria

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