Wael Kfouri Graces Arab Idol 3 Semi Finals

Wael Kfouri Graces Arab Idol 3 Semi Finals

The results show tonight hosts Wael Kfouri as the guests and thus the show kicks off with a medley of Kfouri's most popular songs performed by the 5 remaining finalists.

Then Wael appears from among the audience and performs one of his newest songs.
He drives the audience crazy and shows his professionalism as he is extra comfortable walking and singing.

Tonight two unlucky Idol-wanna-bes will be leaving their dream of becoming the actual Idol just one week before the finals! Who do you think will be leaving???

After the break, Wael performs on stage again. He performs one of his newest songs "Sar El 7aki".

Wael on stage with candles

Wael Kfouri performs on stage again ... this time the stage is decorated with tens of candles ... nothing more romantic than that!
He performs one of his newest, most romantic songs, "El Gharam El Musta7eel".

The finalists have prepared a surprise for Wael ... they are all up on stage together and are going to perform one of Wael's songs.

After the break, Wael yet again performs another one of his romantic songs.

Then it's that critical time of the results ... and the 1st unlucky finalist to get the least number of votes is Ammar from Kurdistan.

Do you think this result is a fair one?
Does Ammar deserve to leave? Or should someone else have gotten the boot tonight?

The 2nd contestant to get the boot is ... M. Rashad from Egypt.
What do you think? Is this fair?
Should he have stayed for the finals?

The judges were all shocked and they all refused to comment on the results tonight.

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