Arab Idol 3 - Finals 8

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of Arab Idol 3 ... tomorrow is the semi-final episode and next week is the finale!
Tomorrow, Arab Idol's own judge, Wael Kfouri is the guest of the night.

Mohammad Rashad

The first to perform tonight is M. Rashad.
He goes for the popular or "sha3bi" color and chooses to sing a song by Ahmad Adawiyah.
Wael believes that a new "sha3bi" star has been born.
The rest of the judges also loved his performance and Ahlam gave him her new "golden" card.

After the break, it's time for Majid Al Madani to perform.
He chooses to sing a song by Mohammad Abdo, "Al Amaken".
He really sang the song beautifully. The judges agree on that. Though Wael wanted him to take a risk with his choice.

Next up is Ammar Koufi ... he sings a song in Kurdish.
Wael loved his performance to the extent that he asked him to repeat another part of the song.
Ahlam gave him her new "Diamond" card!
Hassan agrees with Wael and prefers to listen to Ammar singing!
Ammar tonight made Nancy feel like she wants to sing Kurdish!

After the break, it's time for Hazem Sharif to perform.
He sings a song by Abdel Halim Hafeth.
He got a standing ovation from the audience and Ahlam!
The judges agree that he's already a star. Wael called him the "rainbow" of Arab Idol.

Up next but after the break is Haitham Khalaili.
He sings a romantic song by Saber El Robai.
Hassan thanks him for taking this risk and singing this song.
Wael backs him up all the way! Whether he was on or of tune!
Ahlam thinks his choice was not right and he didn't suit the song!

Now it's time for the five finalists to each perform their second song.

The five finalists all performed fantastically the second time around and proved that they all deserve to be in the finals and they all deserve to be Arab Idol!
The judges really enjoyed their performances and praised them endlessly!

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