The Queen Graces Arab Idol 3

The Queen Graces Arab Idol 3

The title of this post may be vague to some, but "The Queen" in this context refers to Emirati singer Ahlam!

She kicks off the night with a solo performance and right after, M. Rashad performs one of Sabah's songs, in a salute to the famous "Shahroura".

After the break, Ahlam performs again.

The question remains tonight, who is the unlucky Idol-wanna-be who is going to leave the show with the least number of votes?

After another break, Haitham and Hazem sing a song by famous poet Said Aqel about Lebanon.

Then Ahlam performs with Egyptian contestant Inas (who left the show a couple of weeks ago). She also asks former contestant, Emirati Humaid Al Abdoul to perform with her as well.

The finalists, each takes a turn to sing a song of Ahlam's.

After the break, and just before announcing the results, Ahlam performs again.

After yet another break, We get to know the results ...
The unlucky contestant, whose journey ends tonight is: Waleed from Yemen.
Hard Luck ...

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