Arab Idol 3 - Finals 7


Tonight, the judges started off the show with heart-felt words about the legend Sabah, who passed away two days ago.

Then Ahlam took to the stage to sing a patriotic song for her country The Emirates.

As for the remaining contestants, each one will be performing two songs tonight!
The first to perform tonight is Hazem. He sings "Ana Ya Tair".
The second is Majid. He sings a song by Ziad Burji.
Mohammad Rashad is the third to go. He sings "Ma Tfoutnish" by Sayed Makkawi.
The fourth is Waleed ... and he sings a song by Majid Al Muhandes.
Then the fifth to go is Haitham. He sings a Mawwal and song by Wadih Al Safi.
Ammar is the last to perform, and he takes a risk and sings a song by Abdel Halim Hafeth.

After the break, the finalists take another turn and sing their second song each.

Waleed goes first and sings a Yemeni song.
According to the judges, the first choice suited him much more than this one!

Haitham sings a song by Mayada Al Hinnawi.
The judges agree that his choices tonight both suit him and his performances were great.

Hazem sings an Um Kulthoum song for his second turn, "Siret El Hob".
The judges enjoyed his performances, but he did risk it with his second choice. After all, it's not an easy task to sing an Um Kulthoum song.

Majid is up next and he sings "Zaman Al Samt" by Talal Maddah.
The judges agree that his performances were great and especially his second choice.

Ammar then sings an old song by Kathem Al Saher.
The judges praised his voice and his smart choices. He is progressing quickly.

The last one to perform is M. Rashad. He sings a song by George Wassuf.
The judges, except Ahlam, agree that he should stick to a certain genre, and that his second choice was much better than the first.

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