Arab Idol 3 - Finals 6

Tonight, 7 finalists will be singing to impress the judges and the audience and gain as much votes as possible!
Tonight, only three judges will be assessing the performances ... Wael Kfouri is MIA!
Tomorrow night, the guest of the elimination show is non other than Nancy Ajram!


The Idol-wanna-be to kick start the night is Haitham ... and he sings an oldie by Zaki Nasif.
Ahlam hasn't found anything to criticize about his performance! He was fantastic!
Nancy praises his choice of song, which seems to have been tailored for him. She salutes him and the people of Palestine.
Hasan also praises his choice, which always suits him and shows he is smart.

Next up is Waleed ... he sings a song by Abdel Halim Hafeth.
Nancy is sure he will be in the Arab singers competition in the future.
Hasan thinks he sang the song in his own way and beautifully. But thought he could have chosen better.
Ahlam thinks he is professional and should try to sing all genres and Yemen has gained one more star tonight.


The next contestant to perform is Hazem ... he sings Mawwal and Qudoud Halabiyeh.
Hasan praises his control of his voice and character. He tells him he is a complete star and sings perfectly.
Nancy thinks he will be a singer that will preserve the art of Qudoud.
Ahlam thinks his voice could take him to the moon! She gives him both a green and yellow card, because she would like to hear him sing something different.

Next up is Majid ... and he sings "3alli Gara" by Ulaya.
Ahlam is proud to be one of the people who paved the way for Majid to become a star! She gives him a green card.
Hasan praises him and his performance tonight because he proved that he can sing nearly every genre.
Nancy was mesmerized by his performance. She tells him he was great, great, great!

Next is M. Rashad ... he chooses to sing "Sha3bi" again.
Hasan thinks he was great!
Nancy thinks he will have a very successful future.
Ahlam asks him to change his usual choices and sing something very different next week.


Next up is Manal ... she sings a song by Mayada El Hinnawi "Ana Baashaak".

The last contestant to perform is Ammar. He sings one of Kathem Al Saher's most beautiful songs; "3alamani 7ubbuki". He is accompanied by Maestro Elie on the piano.
Ahlam loved his performance, she tells him he brought tears to her eyes.
Nancy also loved his performance and she's sure he'll have a bright and successful future.
Hasan thanks Ammar and the Maestro for such a fantabulous performance.

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