Arab Idol 3 - Finals 5

Arab Idol 3 - Finals 5

Tonight, the contestants of Arab Idol 3 have a crucial mission; to sing their very best and get as much votes as possible ... because tomorrow in the elimination night, two will be given the boot!

So, the first Idol-wanna-be to perform tonight is Mohammad Rashad.
He sings a very popular song "Om Uaf Wenta Bitkalemni" by Bahaa Sultan.
The judges all agree that he chose well and sang well and was totally in control of the song.

Next up is Majid Al Madani. And he chooses to sing a song by Abdallah Rouwaished.
The judges also agree that he performed extremely well and managed to bring out all the best in his voice. He only needs to decrease the "3urab" he uses while singing.

The third to perform is Haitham from Palestine, and he sings a "Mawwal" by Wadih Al Safi.
Somehow his performance made Wael Kfouri cry ... his voice reminded him of the land, of his parents of the soil of Lebanon.
The judges also agree that he chose well and performed fantastically! He sang from the heart.

Next up is Inas. This time she sings in the Lebanese accent, a song by Julia Butros.
She didn't do as well as usual ... her voice wasn't stable and she didn't sing her best.
The song she chose should be sung perfectly.

Mohammad Hasan is next and he chooses to sing a song by Shirine Abdel Wahab.
The judges agree that he could have performed much better.
He was singing while thinking of something far away ... he wasn't concentrating on his performance.
Ahlam asks him to sing the song again, and he does and performs better than before!
And thus Ahlam gives him the green card.

Next is Waleed from Yemen. And he goes bold with a song by Ahlam!
It seems he did well, because Ahlam gave him a standing ovation!
And all the judges praised him and agreed that he performed fantastically.

Manal Mousa is next. She decides to go for a difficult song by Um Kulthoum.
The judges loved her performance and thought she did great.

Ammar is up next and he sings a folkloric Kurdish "Mawwal" and song.
He seriously does great! And gets extra praise from all the judges.
They enjoyed his performance and agreed that he was awesome.

The last Idol-wanna-be to perform tonight it Hazem from Syria.
He sings "Deggi Deggi ya Rababa".
The judges all agree that he did well, had great control of his voice and he deserves to be Arab Idol!

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