Romance with Elissa on Arab Idol 3


Tonight the theme of the show TV series songs and the guest is Lebanese singer Elissa.

The first two contestants to perform are Inas and Manal ... and they are both safe.

Then Waleed, Majid, M. Hasan and Ammar perform ... but two of them are in the danger zone; Majid and M. Hasan.

Another group of guys is up on stage; Haitham, Hazem and M. Rashad.
They perform songs from Bab El Hara and Ahl El Raya ... but one of them is in danger and he is Haitham.

As for the results, the unlucky contestant to get the lowest number of audience votes, and whose journey ends tonight is M. Hasan (if the judges don't use the chance card to bring him back).

M. Hasan performs for the judges and their decision is:
Nancy gives him her card .. Hasan also gives him his card.
Ahlam also gives him her card and brings him back to the show!
Wael gives his two cents and praises him and congratulates him because he deserves to stay. Mabrook!

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