Arab Idol 3 - Finals 4

Mohammad Hassan

The Idol wanna-be to start the night is Mohammad Hassan from Egypt.
Wael told him that he chose well and he sang really well.
Nancy agrees with Wael and asked him to surprise her next time, because he has become somewhat predictable.
Ahlam gave him a green card and praised him.
Hassan agrees with Ahlam and asks him to just relax on stage and not be afraid.

After the break, Waleed from Yemen will be singing.
He sings a "Mawwal" and "Mejana".
Ahlam gives him a green card and praises him endlessly!
Hassan tells him that he was fantastic and did great!
Wael praises him and is happy that he has progressed greatly this week.
Nancy tells him his voice is clean and agrees with Wael.

Ammar from Kurdistan is up next. He decides to sing a Melhem Barakat song.
Hassan tonight felt that he wasn't comfortable while singing, but he sang well, nevertheless.
Ahlam blamed him for choosing a Lebanese song and not practicing it (because he has been sick in hospital for the past two days). She also gives him a yellow card.

Now it's time for Hazem from Syria to sing.
He takes a chance and sings one of those uber romantic songs by Wael Kfouri!
Nancy praises him and tells him he was fantastic.
Ahlam still thinks he is professional and will definitely be one of the three finalists this season.
Hassan tells him that he is proving that he may be No. 1 this season.
Wael praises him and tells him that he sang the song beautifully.

Majid from Saudi Arabia is up next.
He sang well but needs to pay attention to the pronunciation of the words.
The judges all agreed on that but they also loved the way he sang.

Inas from Egypt is up next. She sings an oldie by Aziza Jalal.
Ahlam is somewhat speechless ... but is so proud of her.
Nancy is also proud of her and thought she was singing effortlessly.
Hassan praised her because she was singing perfectly.

Mohammad Rashad from Egypt is next.
Hassan liked the way he sang.
Ahlam gave him a yellow card and didn't comment further.
Nancy praised him and likes the way he and his singing is very close to the heart. She borrows Ahlam's green card and gives it to him.
Wael gave him the green card and told him he liked the way he sang.

Next is Manal from Palestine.
Ahlam praised her, gave her a green card and called her a princess on stage tonight.
Nancy called her courageous , because she ventured into singing a song by Ahlam in front of Ahlam. Bravo Bravo!
Wael also praised her ... but Hassan may have a different opinion.
He tells her that she sang well, but he thinks there might be another genre that suits her better. He thought tonight's choice didn't suit her very well.

The last contestant to perform is Haitham from Palestine.
Ahlam gives him the green card.
Hassan praises his choice of song because it was perfect.
Wael agrees with Hassan and salutes the people of Palestine.
Nancy tells him Bravo!

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