Wael Jassar Graces Arab Idol 3

Wael Jassar Graces Arab Idol 3

The guest of the night, Lebanese singer Wael Jassar, kicked off the show with a performance of one of his oldies.
The judges welcomed him and expressed how much they love his elevated emotions.
Tonight Wael is sure to fill the air with romance.

The first medley tonight is performed by Majid and Walid and Ammar.

Wael Jassar performs one of his newest songs exclusively for Arab Idol.

Then another medley is performed by the three Egyptian comrades; Inas and the two Mohammads!

The third medley of the night brings together Hazem, Haitham and Manal.

Now, for the first contestant in the danger zone ... Majid from Saudi Arabia.

Majid in the danger zone

The next contestants in the danger zone are ... Ajrad from Algeria and Manal from Palestine.

Do you think those three being in the danger zone is fair?
For example, does Manal belong in the danger zone?

Wael Jassar performs again.

As for the results, and the contestant whose journey with Arab Idol ends tonight (if the judges don't use the golden card) is: Ajrad Yughurta.

Ajrad gets one more chance to sing and convince the judges that he deserves the golden card ...

And the judges verdict doesn't bring back Ajrad ... Hard Luck.

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