Most Pierced Man in The World Denied Entry in Dubai

If you saw a man with hundreds of piercings on his face and ears, how would you feel? What might the first thought that comes to your mind be?
The man who has been recognized as the world's most pierced man, Rolf Buchholz, has over 453 piercings -plus two horns on his forehead- has been denied entry to Dubai!

Rolf Buchholz

As he arrived to the airport, he was denied entry and turned back and put on a plane to Istanbul!
The guy might be harmless, but the way he looks is freaking scary! So, it seems he was denied entry because authorities thought he might be a Black Magic practitioner.

I totally understand why he was denied entry ... and believe if any other airport denied him entry, it would be reasonable. I believe in personal freedom and the right each human has to do whatever they want with their bodies ... but this is too much and is extreme mutilation of the human face .. a disturbing sight.

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