Nancy Ajram, The Newest Sultana!

Nancy Ajram released her latest music video on her official YouTube channel on Saturday ... and what a video it is!
The song is entitled "Ma Aw3edak" which means I won't promise you.
And in the clip Nancy is the most glamorous she's ever been! Simply a princess.

Nancy Ajram

The clip takes us back to the old days as Nancy is a princess who waits for her prince to come and sweep her off her feet.
She struts her stuff in three gorgeous dresses, all by Lebanese designer Rami Qadi.
In one of those dresses, the Golden one, she is fit to be a Sultana!

I found the song to be mediocre, similar to hundreds of other Khaliji songs ... but I liked the fashion and setting of the clip.

Check out the video of "Ma Aw3edak" and let us know what you think?

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