Have you Seen Tamer Hosny's "Farq Tawqit" ?

Have you heard of Tamer Hosny's Ramadan TV series "Farq Tawqit" ?
He stars alongside Tunisian actor Thafer Al Abideen, Mai Selim and Nicole Saba in this drama, which airs on Telvza TV, YouTube and other satellite channels.

Tamer Hosny in Farq Tawqit

The series starts off with Tamer , who plays "Yaseen" receiving a briefcase from his late father's lawyer. Then suddenly an assailant enters the room from the window and shoots Yaseen ... then we are taken back 14 month ago, and the story begins.

Are you watching "Farq Tawqit" ? What do you think of it and of Tamer Hosny's performance so far?

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