Ramadan 2014 Ö Make it Different

Ramadan 2014

Ramadan is back giving us a precious opportunity to get closer to God and shape up our souls. While time flies too fast, Muslims should get into Ramadan mode as fast as they can and grab the most possible blessings of the holy month:
Here are some tips to make your Ramadan different:

1- Be pure and sincere:
If you ask yourself about the essence of any deeds youíll find that only sincere intention makes them acceptable. Purify your heart and seek nothing, but Godís pleasure in all worship acts.

2- Have a healthy lifestyle:
Make Ramadan an opportunity to detox your body through reducing caffeine and smoking intakes, if you are a smoker. Start with a carbohydrate Sahur, the pre-dawn meal, to keep your body energized through the day. For Iftar, evening meal where Muslims break their fasting, make sure to replenish energy levels through having the major food groups within the meal. However, avoid excessive eating. Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad and break your fast with dates. It was proven that dates are easily digested and rich with sugar.

3- Plan ahead:
Take time now to think of what you want to achieve by the end of this month. Set goals and write down a plan with simple steps on how you will be fulfilling them. Remember, you canít measure yourself without tracking the progress made along the way. Some may have to tweak their ordinary lifestyle in order to achieve the goals. Besides, make a long dua list; Ramadan is the month of gifts and accepted prayers.

4- Control your mood:
With long fasting hours and hot sun you may feel nervous. Try to manage your anger, avoid talking when you feel high-strung, sleep well, and keep doing dhikr, remembrance of God through your tongue and heart as well. Keep smiling and donít let others think that Ramadan equals unhappiness.

5- Give without expecting:
Live the true spirit of Ramadan through spreading love and giving. Feed needy people and build empathy for them. Bring happiness to others, and maintain the bonds of kinship as obliged by God.

6- Have supportive companions:
A good companion will keep you accountable on your journey and hold your hand to correct mistakes.

7- Treat it as it is your last Ramadan:
You canít assure it is not your last Ramadan, can you?
Feel like it is the final time you will be able to fast, to pray Tarawih and to complete Quran reading.

Make it the best Ramadan of the past ďRamadansĒ. Donít forget to ask Almighty to help you reclaim your heart and maintain the good habits after the holy month ends.

By Guest Writer Ruba Zughod

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