Ramadan 2014 TV Marathon!

Ramadan is only a few days away and as usual, at this time the TV series marathon is about to begin!
MBC has an array of TV series for you, most importantly four much awaited dramas; Bab El Hara 6, Saray Abdeen, Sa7eb Al Sa3ada and Imbratoriat Meen?.

Ramadan 2014 TV Marathon

Two other intriguing series are Law and Kalam 3ala Waraq ... which shed the spotlight on taboo/ controversial issues such as prostitution and adultery ...

... which in my humble opinion are not issues to be discussed in Ramadan, when the whole family want to be watching something entertaining and somehow lite. I might me wrong ... please share your opinion and try to convince me otherwise!

In all cases, what are you planning to follow this Ramadan?
I am thinking of Adel Imam's Sa7eb Al Sa3ada and Hind Sabri's Imbratoriat Meen ...

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