World's Oldest Cat, Poppy, Dies

The world's oldest cat, which celebrated her 24th birthday a few weeks ago, has passed away.
Poppy was born in England in 1990, on the same month Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

Although her owners knew she was very old and she had been ill, it still upset them very much that she passes away: "We knew she was old, but it's still very upsetting. She had a bad week last week. She was on antibiotics on the Wednesday because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down. She wasn't herself at all."


But the family gathered together and buried their pet cat in the garden, just like they did all the past pets that have died before.

Poppy took the title of World's Oldest Cat on May 19th but the oldest cat in history was a feline called Creme Puff who lived in Austin, Texas and who survived for an astonishing 38 years and three days.

Coincidentally, Poppy died just a day after the world’s oldest man, Alexander Imich, passed away at the age of 111.

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