Adel Imam Returns This Ramadan

Grand Egyptian actor Adel Imam has found a new vibe in Ramadan TV series.
A few years ago he claimed success for his series "Firkat Naji Attallah" and last year it was "Al 3arraf" and this year he's returning with a new one entitled "Sa7eb Al Sa3ada" or His Excellency.

Adel Imam Returns This Ramadan

This year, Imam is a government official who has retired and has now all the time to care for his family and tend to the needs and problems of his children and grandchildren.

Joining Imam are a bouquet of famous names like Libliba, Khaled Zaki, Mohammed Imam and Edward!

If you're a Adel Imam, you can tune in to MBC to watch "Sa7eb Al Sa3ada".

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