Prince William Flies Economy Class in America!

Prince William has lots of admirable qualities and being frugal and humble is among them. Even though he is royalty, heís proven once again that he can be like a regular guy.

On Sunday, May 4, Prince William shocked everyone aboard an American Airlines plane by riding economy class! He was spotted sitting on a window seat and seemed to be talking to his seatmates. He didnít appear to be uncomfortable at all.

Prince William Flies Economy Class

Prince William was seen by TV reporter Eli Ross, who took a photo of him and posted it on his Twitter account.

However, since heís royalty his official entourage of security wonít take chances on his security thatís why they also flew economy.

That particular flight was taking him to Dallas for his flight back to the UK after attending his friend Guy Pelleyís wedding in Memphis. His brother Prince Harry was also at the wedding but I donít think he opted for economy class.

This ability to do things like a regular person will just endear him more to the people and as heir to the throne, having a very good connection with the masses is very important.

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