Zaina Has Proof of Ahmad Ezz Paternity!

The whirlpool of Zaina Vs. Ahmad Ezz and the twins is still spinning!
The latest in the case is that Zaina and her lawyer seem to have proof that Ahmad Izz is the father of her twins.

Zaina and Ahmad Ezz

They claim that they have papers proving that Ezz and Zaina are actually married and thus he is the father of the twins.
Some reports are saying that the lawyer is dodging journalists because he wants to keep those papers under wraps to surprise the court and Ezz's lawyers!

If this is true, then Zaina will be kicking some Ahmad Ezz a$$!

On the other hand, Ahmad Ezz is still refusing to undergo a DNA paternity test .. though if does take it, he'll end the whole issue and prove that he ain't the father ... unless he knows otherwise!

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